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Who is this cricketer?

I'll ask this one again.

Q1) Unjumble the cricketer.

HLDNHERAROHAOEDJC ( first, middle and last name)

Clue: Someone's name in the cricket section relates to him. This user has asked a cricket question somewhere in the last 5 pages.

Once you find this cricketer, a countryman of his is coaching a team. Find the captain of the team. The first character, of where this person played his last List A match, is your first initial.

Q2) Identify the cricketer in the picture:

d) AB de Villiers

b) Brad Hodge

m) Marcus North

a) Alistair Cook

g) Graeme Smith

m) Mitchell Johnson

v) Vaughn van Jaarsveld

Answer to this is your 2nd initial.

Q3) Pick the odd one out:

l) Western Australia

h) Titans

p) Dolphins

b) Chennai Super Kings

q) Victoria

w) Yorkshire

Clue: You might recognize the cricketer by their initials but I'll give some clues.

1) Same high score in ODI and tests.

2) Less than ten 50s in one form of the game ( could be any form)

3) I've taken nearly the same amount of catches in tests and ODI.

To get BA:

1) Name jumbled cricketer

2) Get the main cricketer.


Sorry, I have to check answers tomorrow.

Update 2:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ [7] _ _ _ _ [4] _ _ _ _ _ _ [6]

Clue: Knighted

Update 3:

Yes get the main cricketer!

I'll give you the initals then.


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  • etters
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    A participant in such circumstances does no longer have an well-known - or it would be considered limitless. no longer-outs can each and every so often skew concerns. Famously, bill Johnston, the Australian left-arm seamer, toured England in 1953 and averaged 102.00 witht he bat. He surely scored 102 runs in 17 innings, yet grow to be no longer out sixteen situations. That lined 2 assessments.

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    q2 is alaistar cook

    q3 yorkshire-others qualified for champoins league

    ur question is too confusing please simplify it.

    richard john hadlee

    is there anything else i need to answer?please let me know.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Pls ask only two question. not more than that.

    Edit- ok i understand . .

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