Should I become a teacher?

With the economy the way it is, with little hope that it will ever get back to the way we were...should I consider getting my degree in education? One of my teachers comments on how classrooms will go virtual- are teachers going to be needed in the next ten years?

Teaching is the only career I've even considered- and I want to teach more than anything...but I also don't want to get my English and Education degree if there is no demand for it.

What do you think?

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    They will always need teachers. I say go for it. If you major in English you can always go further to obtain your master's degree. There are so many jobs you can do along with teaching as an English major.



    Assistant copy editor




    Critic (art, film, books, etc)

    Casting director

    Television reporter

    Public relations assistant

    Radio production assistant

    Research assistant

    Technical writer


    Government and Nonprofit:


    Executive director

    Speech writer

    Grant writer

    Museum collections assistant

    Fundraising coordinator

    Legislative assistant


    Public relations specialist


    Human services coordinator

    Special events coordinator


    Business and Industry:

    Public relations specialist

    Book buyer/seller

    Account representative

    Marketing consultant

    Writers' agent


    Web content developer/writer

    Technical writer

    Human resources assistant

    Information architect

    Corporate librarian

    Advertising copy writer

    Market research analyst



    K-12 Teacher (with K-12 certification)

    Librarian (with graduate education)

    ESL teacher/tutor

    Admissions representative

    Assistant Director

    Development officer

    Program administrator

    Publications coordinator

    Records manager

    Financial aid counselor

    Classroom assistant

    Circulation assistant

    Credentials evaluator


    Law firms

    Public interest organizations

    Consumer action groups

    Health organizations

    Educational institutions

    Literary agencies


    Printing firms

    High tech firms

    Tutoring services

    Public & corporate libraries

    Government agencies

    Public relations firms


    Editorial Assistant

    Public Relations Specialist


    Trade and Market Development Intern

    Commercial Real Estate Intern

    Museum Collections Assistant

    Literary Manager Assistant

    Casting Assistant


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  • 1 decade ago

    well, we're all suffering from economical crunch........ so there's actually no option left but to take up whatever one gets on their hands.... i mean, i myself, am considering to take up teaching as a profession coz it's got good money........... but at the same tym, even interest is important. u just can't take up any other job in the world to earn money...... so if u r thinking abt taking up teaching as a career, then better teach the subject u urself r interested in..........

    all the best [:)]

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  • 1 decade ago

    yup even if everything goes virtual they will still need online teachers:)

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