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paul mitchell flat iron?

i just bought the new express ion smooth by paul mitchell and got home and turned it on and the god damn thing wont turn on or heat up or do anything, i tired different outlet plugs and that wasnt it. has anyone else had this trouble? and the salon i bought it from policy is no refund or exchange im very mad. im just wondering if ANYONE else had this trouble with the same exact flat iron.

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    Go back to the salon and demand a refund/exchange. If the plug has a yellow or red button on it, will it is plugged into the outlet press 1 of the buttons then the other. I have a Chi flat iron and I sometimes have to press the little button to make it heat up. Good Luck!


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    Paul Mitchell Plugged In

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    OMG what kind of janky salon would have a no-return policy!!!

    JMPS guarantees their products when sold thru a licensed and authorized hair salon. Hang on to that receipt and all the packaging.

    First, try calling the manager of the salon and explain your issue. That's ridiculous that a day or so later they won't take it back.

    If that doesn't work, try calling Paul Mitchell and see if you can mail it to them to exchange. Or if there is a local rep in your area you can talk to.

    --The other answerer has a point-have you tried pressing the reset button on the plug? :) Sometimes I trip up my own iron and need to reset it.

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    pual mitchell is better but you are paying for brand with either...very pricey flat irons. the only reason I say PM iron is better is because the chi alwyas shorts out and then im screwed and without an expensive flat iron

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    I don;t have the same problem. but you should go back to the salon ASAP. and tell them you bought a shitty straightener. they HAVE TO RETURN OR AT LEAST EXCHANGE IT.

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