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家駒 的'' 海闊天空'' 到肉 ge 英文

Beyond ( 家駒 ) 的 '' 海闊天空'' ge 英文 !!

Seasky ?

要可以譯到'' 到肉 '' 果隻 !!

** 歌名就 ok la...

但唔介意有高手比整首我 lo... haha

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  • 1 decade ago
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    '' 海闊天空'' 可譯作

    The ocean is wide and the sky is high


    The ocean is as wide as the sky或

    The ocean is wide like the sky


    Today, I watch the snow fluttering in this chilly night.

    Bringing my cold heart to a distant place.

    Chasing in the wind and rain, and cannot see each other in the fog

    You and me, like the wide ocean and the high sky. There may be change (Who has not changed?)

    There had been many times, faced with cold shoulder and mocking.

    But I have never given up my ideal in my heart.

    In a split second, it seems that I have lost that feeling

    And the love in my heart has naturally faded away (Who will understand me?)

    Please forgive me for my unruliness, self-indulgence and freedom searching in my whole life.

    I may be afraid that one day I will fall down.

    Anyone may be abandoning the ideal

    Anyway, I am not afraid that there will be one day for only you and me.

    2009-03-15 15:21:13 補充:

    海闊天空- youtube

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  • 1 decade ago

    HAHA, 此 link 我已看 n 次啦 , 很早已 add 入" 我的最愛 ",

    每次都在想-- 如果 家駒並無死去...

    真的很感謝你 !


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  • John L
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    OK Here's one for you:

    "Sky High, Ocean Wide"

    Better that it rhymes so more '' 到肉 ''!


    If you want just a direct translation, then use:

    "Ocean-Wide Sky"

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): 知少少扮代表.
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