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How can a government with party associations ever effectively represent the people it's designed to serve?

Truly, whether 2 parties or 10, how can a goverment work effectively for it's people when elected officials vote with their party?

My question is why should parties or any such associations among elected officials not be abolished?


Thinking more on this, when I go to the voting booth, I vote in private. There was a big Union issue which surfaced last week about secret voting. There's no peer pressure.

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  • ArRo
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    Many other types of government can be found, all over the world. With which would you suggest we replace our Republic? Or, do you even have an idea for a new and different one? This is a very good question, and it's very easy to agree with abolishing parties, but many alternatives I could suggest would be even worse. Obviously, the party-in-power is there because it represents the majority. I'd like to see more "watch-dogs", more regulations for the untrustworthy, more emphasis on Civics in school, and more mature decisions than the ones that created this economic crisis. Hopefully, this President will right many wrongs!

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    Amen, Amen I say to you! Brilliant question, the only logical answer is, well, it can not work. The only way to deal with this problem is to change our type of Government, and I do not think many people would support such a decision. As long as there are democrats and republicans in the senate, NOTHING and I say NOTHING will ever get fully done and e supported fully by the American People.

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  • jeff m
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    I hate govt. spending, but I think that all campaigns should be funded by the govt., so that partisan fund raising would be gone. Communication is cheap nowdays - just give each candidate ( with enough nominating signatures) a share of time on public service TV, and space on a server. Then campaign finance law would be simple - illegal to give politicians money.

    The influence of money on our politics is an obscene anachronism.

  • Tryad
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    I agree, BUt I think you forget one problem, the two parties would have to represent the people if the people would get off of there dead asses and get involved. We are in this mess because our officials sold us out, it is our fault they did so because we let them do it and don't hold them accountable. I say its time for a resolution, and off with there heads.

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  • Anonymous
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    I am starring your question. Very good one and I agree with you completely. Good luck getting the rest of the sheople of the US behind that. They still think that the Republicans are the Intergalactic Empire and the Democrats are the Rebellion.

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    when it is held accountable by the voters.

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