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Why does Lord Brahma has no temple except one in North India?

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    A) No Temple worship for Brahma:

    (i) Siva Purana Episode:

    Once it was decided that Brahma would go up (towards the sky) and try to find the head of this pillar of Light (Shiva) and Vishnu would go down (under the earth) to find the foot of Shiva. Brahma then assumed the form of a swan and began his journey into the sky. Vishnu on the other hand, assumed the form of Varaha (wild boar) and bored through the earth to descend into the very depths of the world. The two of them went thus on their quest for thousands of years and even still could find no end to the pillar of light (as light has no limit). After proceeding in their quest for so long, the two of them got tired.

    Vishnu decided to end his search (becoming humbled) and proceed back to the earth. At the same time, Brahma saw a Ketaki (fragrant screw pine – Pandanus Sativa, kewra in hindi and thazhampu in tamil) flower slowly wafting downwards from the sky. He stopped the flower on its way down and asked it where it was coming from. On being questioned by the creator, the flower replied that it had been placed at the top of the pillar of fire as an offering by a devotee and had fallen from there. Unable to find the head of the pillar, Brahma decided to end his search and instead use the ketaki flower as evidence of him having reached the head.

    Both Brahma and Vishnu came back to the earth in the end and when asked, Vishnu replied truthfully that he had been unable to find the feet of the fiery pillar even after a very long search going to the very ends of the universe. Brahma on the other hand (to prove his superiority over Vishnu) lied by saying that he had in fact reached the head of the pillar of fire and that he had brought the ketaki flower from the top as proof of having reached there. This false claim angered Shiva and he revealed his true form and then cursed Brahma that he would have no temple dedicated to his worship as he was undeserving (as a result of his falsity) and he also cursed the ketaki flower that henceforth she shall not be used in the worship of Shiva (as she had given false testimony when questioned).

    (ii) Shatarupa Episode:

    When Brahma was creating the universe, He made a female deity known as Shatarupa (one with a hundred beautiful forms). Brahma became immediately infatuated with Her. Shatarupa moved in various directions to avoid the gaze of Brahmā. But wherever She went, Brahma developed a head. Thus, Brahma developed five heads, one on each side and one above the others. In order to control Brahma, Shiva cut off one of the heads. Also, Shiva felt that Shatarupa was Brahmā's daughter, having been created by Him. Therefore, Shiva determined, it was wrong for Brahmā to become obsessed with Her. He directed that there be no proper worship on earth for the "unholy" Brahmā.

    (iii) Sage Brahmarishi Bhrigu Episode:

    According to another legend, Brahma is not worshiped because of a curse by the great sage Brahmarishi Bhrigu. Once a great fire-sacrifice (yajna) was being organised on Earth with Bhrigu being the high priest. It was decided that the greatest among all Gods would be made the presiding deity. Bhrigu then set off to find the greatest among the Trimurti. When he went to Brahma, he was so immersed in the music played by Saraswati that he could hardly hear Bhrigu's calls. The enraged Bhrigu then cursed Brahma that no person on Earth would ever invoke him or worship him again.

    B) Brahma Temples:

    There are very few temples dedicated to Brahma alone as thousands of temples dedicated to the other deities.

    (i) Pushkar (Rajasthan) Brahma Temple:

    Brahma Temple - The Brahma temple is an important pilgrim center for the Hindus. It is nestled in the Pushkar valley, which lies beyond Nagaparvat and the Anasagar Lake. This place, full of natural beauty, holds a special place in the hearts of Indian for it is believed that Lord Brahma, together with all the gods and goddesses, performed a Yagya here. Legends also has it that the ancient lake Sarovar had appeared miraculously, when a lotus fell from the hands of Lord Brahma and dropped into this valley. Brahma Temple The most famous temple in Pushkar, this is the only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma (the creator of the universe according to Hindu mythology) in the entire country. You can identify it by its red spire and by the image of a hans (the goose considered sacred to Lord Brahma). This temple built with marble is decorated with silver coins and there is a silver turtle on the floor of the temple.

    (ii) Other Brahma Temples:

    1) Kumbakonam (Tamil Nadu)

    2) Thirunavaya in Kerala:

    Regular pujas are held for Lord Brahma at the temple in Thirunavaya and during Navrathris, this temple comes to life with colourful festivities.

    3) Asotra village in Balotra Taluka of Barmer district in Rajasthan known as Kheteshwar Brahmadham Tirtha

    4) Brahma-Karmali village in Sattari Taluka in Goa

    5) Khedbrahma in Gujarat

    6) Khokhan village in the Kullu Valley, 4 km from Bhuntar, in the state of Himachal Pradesh

    7) Sri Kalahasti near Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh

    (iii) Some more places of Brahma Worship :

    There is also a shrine for Brahma within the Bramhapureeshwarar temple in Thirupattur, near Trichy and a famous murti of Brahma at Mangalwedha, 52 km from Solapur district in Maharashtra, the largest of which is in Angkor Wat in Cambodia. In Khedbrahma, Gujarat, there is a statue of Brahma. A six feet tall statue was also discovered at Sopara near Mumbai.

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    Why does Lord Brahma has no temple except one in North India?

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    Although Brahma may not so popular in in India,but in Thailand in some villages every home there is a Brahma statue.

    In Thailand many people worship Brahma. In Bangkok at Erawan ,the Brahma temple is world famous many VIPs,singers ,actors,athletes ,etc have come to pray. Many say it will grant straight wishes .

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    There is only one temple of Lord Brahma in Rajasthan State of India.

    Lord Brahma is the creator of the universe.There are many legends.

    One of them are that once Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu aruged that who is greater then them. They then decided to consult Lord Shiva.

    So Lord Brahma went upwards direction to find the end and Lord Vishnu went at the bottom of the universe to find the last part.

    It was decided that whoever founds the ending/bottom of the uper part of the universe or lower part of the universe will be known as the

    supreme one.

    Lord Brahma decides to lie and said that he had found the

    last corner of the universe in the upwards direction.

    When the truth is known then Lord Brahma is cursed to have no

    temples on earth. But since he is the creator of the universe,

    there is only one temple in North India - Rajasthan.

    He is cursed since being a god, he lied .

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    Temples for Lord brahma are many He is not paid importance as he lied in finding the beginning of Lord Shiva

    And thus Brahma was cursed

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    Sir One more temple is there In Khedbrhma

    Lord Brahma Temple and Aditi Stepwell[edit]

    There is a temple of Brahma which is rarely seen in India, only second to Pushkar. It was built in third quarter of the 11th century[7] or in the 12th century. Of white sandstone and cement-covered brick, fifty-seven feet long, thirty broad, and thirty-six high, it has an image of Brahma which is worshipped. The fair held yearly in February and attended by merchants from all parts of Gujarat and Mewar in past. In former times Khedbrahma is said to have drawn millions of pilgrims and merchants from Mewar, Marwar, Malwa, Vagad, Sirohi, Gujarat, Kutch, and Kathiawar. The Kathiawar traders used to raise booths on the south bank of the Hiranyaksh and deal in opium, cloth, copperware, jewelry, grocery, and horses. The gathering lasted for fifteen days. Goods worth a lakh were sold. The fair is said to have fallen into comparative unimportance from the time of Rao Kalianmal (about 1630), when the Idar State fell a prey to rebellion and disorder.[4]

    There is a step-well known as Brahma Vav which have carving that resembling temple spires and idols. It is now in despair due to lack of maintenance.[2][8] It is also known as Aditi Vav historically and was built in the 14th century. An inscription of Vikram Samvat 1256 is present in Vav.[3]

    Jakkin Sharma

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    Because Brahman was considered the original force or essence of the universe, in an unknown form. Rig Veda refers to the Creator of the Universe as and unknown. Questions whetehr he created the universe or if the universe created him. Thus, Brahma induces the spirit of inquiry that is posited as the basis of the Vedic religion, as well the Vedanta of Badhrayana and Sankara. Iconic worship was not encouraged by Vedanta. Thus there are very few temples for Brahma. There is one in Suchindram in Tamil Nadu for all three Gods, Siva, Vishnu and Brahma. There is a temple for Brahma designated in the Grand Canyon in one of the most beautiful Caves. There is also a cave for Temple of Vishnu and one for the Temple of Siva. None of them has an Icon.

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    The only temple of Lord Brahma is situated in Pushkarraj city & state of Rajasthan

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    There is another lord Brahma g temple that is in kuruksheter on AMIN raod and this is complete temple as Brahmani mata and Ved mata Gaytari g are also there with Brahma g ,That is called lord Brahma sidh pith.

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    Brahma is also a creation of the Almighty and not Anaathi (without origin).. Though he is treated as one of the Trinity, He is not holding a permanent post like Lord Siva or Lord Vishnu (whose forms do not merge in the Nirguna or formless Absolute, at the time of the Great Deluge).

    Brahma has a fixed tenure of office whereafter he is replaced by another worthy person (heavenly angel or saintly human).. It is said that the Brahma for the next Kalpa would be Hanuman (Monkey faced son of Wind God), who served King Ram (Maha Vishu) during his earthly sojourn..

    So Brahma is considered as a divine person holding a finite tenure in Creater role.. He is also sometimes infatuated by the Maaya (Divine illusion) of Almighty God (as He does with the humans on Earth) to test his equipoise.. The episode of finding one end of the Siva's Effulgence (head end) is to be considered as one such situation.

    The removal of one head is symbolic of the impact of a momentary Ego that overtook him.. It is a lesson to humans and angels alike that one should not be lax in his vigil over the mind, however great one be (except the Anaathi moorthi's like Param Siva and Maha Vishnu, who are masters of Maaya)..

    There are Brahma's images in most temples in the corridor but not separate temples to mark the impact of Ego as a lesson to humans.. This does not mean that He is any less power ful, He is superior to Deva Indra (Chief of Heavenly angels) and next only to Lord Siva and Vishnu.. His Brahma Asthra is invinsible in vanquishing the mighty Evil forces.. His spouse is the Goddess of all Arts and the highest Wisdom, Saraswathi.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    Actually there are two temples for Lord Brahma - one at Pushkar in Rajasthan - Pushkar is a town in the state of Rajasthan in India near (14 Kilometer away) Ajmer and one of the sacred pilgrimage for hindus and is often called "Tirth Raj" ( king of pilgrim centres) .It is an important tourist destination too. Pushkar is famous for Pushkar Lake and the 14th century temple to Brahma, the Hindu god of creation. This is the only temple of the god Brahma in the world. It is also famous for its annual Pushkar Camel Fair.No pilgrimage of hindu places is considered complete till the pilgrim bathes in sacred waters of Pushkara. There is another Pushkar - Budha Pushkar (Old Pushkar) few Kilometers away from the main Pushkar which is famous for Rose Farming. Another one at Uttamanarkoil in Tamilnadu - Uttamar Kovil is a temple town near Tiruchirapalli in Tamil Nadu, India. It is known for the Uttamar Kovil (Uttamar means The good one and Kovil means Temple). It has the shrines of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in the same complex, making this a unique temple with shrines for all three gods and their consorts in the same place. There are very few temples where Brahma, the first of the trinity, is worshipped in statue form, which makes this temple an important place of worship. I have visited this temple and had darshan of the three murthy(ies) - shiva, Vishnu, Brahma. -

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