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What can I do about a co-worker with bad body odor?

That's just the beginning. He's a real nasty one; smell like really dirty hair and stagnant dish water. I share an office space with him and two other guys and we are all too close up one one another to have anyone funktified in the house. Get this: he will fromm time-to-time walk into my area and let loose some of the worst gas you could imagine. Pure skunk material. When I find him sitting in my chair, I'm about to lose it (will likely cost me my job). He has more than one person convinced that the odor in the office is from me! Wonderful! The odor is so strong in the office that even on days when he isn't present it stanks up in there.

Please, do not suggest air fresheners or other smell-good devices. These are overwhelmed by the funk which mixes with the nice scents to create something even more offensive. We reside in a closed building and cannot open any windows.

Help me out YA team.

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    Years ago I was a production supervisor in factory, and some of the women that worked for me came to me and complained about a co-workers body odor. The problem I had was that I have a very poor sense of smell, and couldn't smell him. I did however call him into my office and told him he might not be bathing enough or using the right deodorant. To my surprise he said he might not be bathing enough. After our meeting I didn't hear any more complaints from his fellow co-workers. That was one of the most difficult things I ever had to do in that job.

    So I would suggest you talk to his immediate supervisor, and if that doesn't work talk to their supervisor.

    It is a known fact that anyone that is exposed to an odor (good or bad) for a lengthy period can not distinguish that odor. That's one reason some people apply too much perfume after wearing it for long periods of time. Same with not bathing regularly. ....Good Luck...

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    Discuss with your manager or supervisor they are responsible to provide you with a decent work environment, tell them your productivity is going down everyday and you don't feel like you are performing at your best level due to distraction and request for a different work location if possible, don't ever sound like your are complaining give them the reason and a suggest a solution of what action from them will make you comfortable.

    I am sure in the interest of your productivity they will find a solution.

    instead of complaining also think how you can make a change by taking responsibility by trying to understand from his point of view in making both your stay in the company enjoyable after all he need to work and earn his living too.

    If he does not have a girl friend help him find one and the girlfriend will take care of his personal hygene and the odour and he will be the best smelling man in office.

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    Go to his Manager (or Human Resources - or both) and politely identify the problem (he stinks) and a solution (he needs a talk about hygiene). Document your conversation - ie, after the meeting, send an e-mail to his both stating "as per our conversation about Joe Smith, ...."

    The Manager should deal with this problem. And promptly.

    If that doesn't work - go to his Manager's Manager.

    You can also go to your Manager and request a move - saying you can't work. I've seen it done with non smoking people sitting next to chain smokers. Say you can't concentrate - the smell is bothering you.

    Once you do the above start by putting a bar of soap on his chair.

    Get Wal-Mart flyers - and cut out the shampoo ads or soap ads - place them on the chair - anon - so he doesn't know its you.

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    It's time for an intervention, if the management won't get on board, you should gang up on him and hose him down in the parking lot. Else go through your days applying vaporub under your nose, like a morgue tech about to unbag a floater.

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    3 years ago

    good.. I can inform you what I did while I was once in university.. We had a collegemate who had this challenge.... me and my pal talented him a deo.... and I known as him and informed him to not take it as an offense.. however being within the subject of medication, to manage a lotta sufferers, we have to scent well.. no longer that you're unhygenic however a few men and women do clearly have unhealthy smell and it may be have shyed away from utilising a well deo... Luckily, he took it in a constructive method and smiled at us :) I wager.. u gotta select proper phrases and inform him/her with out offending.. if the scent is fairly unhealthy to tolerate....

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    Desktop air purifier accompanied with discussion with HR personnel or supervisor who can hopefully address this in a businesslike manner? It creates an offensive work environment, surely there is some professional way for them to address it.

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    Report the bad smell to your superior and request him to formally ask your co worker to bathe

    or you could just do it yourself. But this adds a tension to the work space and makes it very uncomfortable.


    Source(s): The Bible
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    Well maybe you could leave him an anonymous note by all your opther workers too telling him NICELY.....?

    if that doesnt work then i would say just start telling him in front of people and he willl be so ambarrassed that he will make sure he doesnt smell anymore so you quit mentioning it!

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    bring a watergun to work put soap in it and shoot him with it jk ask him to take a shower and wear deoderant

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    well every time they turn around just spray a purfume on them

    Source(s): if ur talking about my teacher she smells like dirty socks so good luck with that
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