Debate: Israel and Palestine are not equally terrorist?

This is the argument I need to make for my World Geography class in a debate we are having. I have absolutely no idea what to talk about because this topic was assigned to me and I really am not sure where I stand on the whole situation. What are some good points that I could bring up in defending my group's "stance"?


The thing is, I HAVE to be in the debate otherwise I don't get the points I need to for the class :(

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    It's very simple. The tactics employed by the Hamas organization, Islamic Jihad and previously by the PLO and Fatah include: Suicide bombings aimed at civilians, rocket shooting aimed at civilians, violation of hundreds of international laws such as using human shields, fighting from within populated civilian areas, brutal torturing of captives and denying them of red cross visits, using children as fighters and scouts and lots more. The Hamas, Islamic Jihad and several other organizations are all well known terrorist organization and are recognized as such by most countries.

    Israel on the other hand is a civilized first world country which follows international law. Israel avoids civilian casualties, gives a fair trial to every terrorist it captures and then provides them with excellent prison conditions, uses surgical strikes to minimize collateral damage and takes extreme measures to protect both its own and the enemies' civilians. Such meaures include, but not limited to: Dropping leaflets warning civilians to leave an area before an airstrike, calling people on their cellphone warning them before an attack and giving them time to leave the area, establishing field hospitals within enemy territory to treat injured enemy civilians and lots more. Israel even avoids attacking a target if there's civilians around, unless there's an immediate danger to Israeli soldiers or civilians.

    In the bottom line - Israel is simply protecting itself and targets only the militants who attack it. The 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war started because Hezbollah launched several rockets, crossed the border, killed several Israeli soldiers and kidnapped two. The 2008 Israel-Gaza conflict occured because Hamas repeatedly broke the ceasefire and eventually called it off and began heavily bombarding Israeli towns. Since Hamas did not heed to Israel's plights and warnings to stop the attacks, Israel attacked back. Those Palestinian "Militants" on the other hand are specifically targetting civilians using cowardly terrorist tactics. They have also stated their goal is to "Push the Jews into the sea" and "Kill every Jew in the middle east".

    Israel has been negotiating peace with moderate Palestinians for 2 decades now, but those attempts to establish peace have been repeatedly sabotaged by those terrorists who object peace.

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    Well I'm assuming you might have found out somewhat approximately Israel and Palestine. So utilising your skills of the 2 states, what approximately each makes them like "terrorist". And how do you outline what's "terrorism". What is your organization's stance incidentally? If your camp helps Israel, then you definitely have to seem up organizations like Hamas and different Palestinian organizations. If your camp helps Palestine, then seem up matters just like the 6 days warfare, Israel's healing of Palestinian nationals and different navy acts towards the Palestinian folks.

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    You got Dark Al and Lupines. All you need is Paperback and you've got the three most intelligent people on your topic. Can you say "A" in World Geography.

    Fair definition of terrorist would include the intention of the person doing the killing. Was the fighter shooting at an enemy shooting at him and inadvertently hit bystanders, especially if the guy shooting at him was in a residential area? Was the fighter trying to kill as many civilians as possible? I think a fair analysis will show who is trying to stop military actions against civilians and who is actually trying to murder civilians.

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    >>>If there is a n "Internationally accepted" fair and correct definition for "Terrorist"

    to define who is Terrorist, the answer will be very easy.

    >>>A Freedom Fighter is not a terrorist.

    >>>Any person calls freedom fighters "terrorists" is a real terrorist.

    >>> SO. The First step to start should be "A fair definition of terrorism" :

    Who is a terrorist :

    A freedom fighters such as Hamas fighters in Palestine,


    Coward land occupiers , such Israeli solders occupying Palestine since 1948. Since that time they are killing children, women and old people using phosphorous and chemical weapons, and forced the natives to leave their homes and live as refugees in other countries since 1948 until now.


    Latest Israeli war on Gaza starts on 27 Dec. 2008, killing children, women and old people using phosphorous and chemical weapons.

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    Definitely not. Dark Al and Lupines already explained it very well. Even if you would disagree with some Israeli actions you cannot really compare that with the unethical and wicked Palestinian behavior. Get well informed because part of that behavior is playing the victim.

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    I would bow out of that debate on the premises of the definition of terrorism. Israel and Palestine are equally terrorist. Be different, take the stand that they are both terrorists according to the definition of the word terrorism.

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    Hi. Here is some evidence against Hamas there are plenty of examples how they fight amongst themselves with utter disregard for their civilian population to show that the Israelis were fighting an urban war which is always difficult to fight. In this evidence you will see examples of militants storming their own hospitals and "shooting it up" and using hospitals to fire onto people in humanitarian buildings while a third civilian residence is also shelled. LOTS of examples also cold blooded killing of civilians there are too many to list and more examples of that (including video) that are too gruesome to show.

    Gaza Conflict 2007 Militant Behavior

    Also by latest polls the Palestinians still widely support the terrorists it is not as if they do not support what they do!!! Not only is their society so corrupt that they still support that behavior but they would elect overwhelmingly a person that is serving 5 life sentences for cold blooded murder of Jews, Marwan Barghouti.

    The poll was conducted on March 5-7. Researchers questioned more than 1,200 PA Arab adults from Gaza, Judea and Samaria.

    Hamas In Their Own Voices

    Youtube thumbnail

    Missile and Mortar Attacks on Israel Pass 10,000 Mark

    Their propaganda campaign they decided to wage it along time ago. That is the way they operate. As many civilian casualty as they can get (utter disregard for their civilians) then broadcast bloody pictures on the airwaves. The Hamas and the President of Iran are in cohorts with each other. Islamofascist terrorism.

    Digital Intifada

    The Islamofascists were allied with Hitler, raised Muslim SS troops and even had concentration camps in Muslim lands. The Muslims hate the Jews. It has nothing to do with Zionism. They just don't want Jewish people living here, or there, or anywhere. Good luck on your presentation. We do need people to be educated on the conflict and not believe the massive propaganda campaign that the Arabs push out.

    Hitler and the grand mufti of Jerusalem

    Youtube thumbnail

    Grand Mufti of Jerusalem organizes recruitment to Bosnia's SS division

    The Holocaust Affected Jews in Arab Countries

    History Of Jews In Arab Countries:

    "From June 1940 to May 1943, the Nazis, their Vichy French collaborators and their Italian fascist allies applied in Arab lands many of the precursors to the Final Solution. These included not only laws depriving Jews of property, education, livelihood, residence and free movement, but also torture, slave labor, deportation and execution.

    There were no death camps, but many thousands of Jews were consigned to more than 100 brutal labor camps, many solely for Jews.

    Arab collaborators were everywhere. These included Arab officials conniving against Jews at royal courts, Arab overseers of Jewish work gangs, sadistic Arab guards at Jewish labor camps and Arab interpreters who went house to house with SS officers pointing out where Jews lived. Without the help of local Arabs, the persecution of Jews would have been virtually impossible.

    Were Arabs, then under the domination of European colonialists, merely following orders? An interviewer once posed that question to Harry Alexander, a Jew from Leipzig, Germany, who survived a notoriously harsh French labor camp at Djelfa, in the Algerian desert. "No, no, no!" he exploded in reply. "Nobody told them to beat us all the time. Nobody told them to chain us together. Nobody told them to tie us naked to a post and beat us and to hang us by our arms and hose us down, to bury us in the sand so our heads should look up and bash our brains in and urinate on our heads. . . . No, they took this into their own hands and they enjoyed what they did."

    Source(s): The Forgotten Refugees Information and links about the Middle East's Forgotten Jewish refugees
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    use dark al's answer,he is 100% correct

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