Who were the first professional football teams, when were first bowl games, and the first African American pl?

Who were the first professional football (American Football) teams?

When were the first super and college bowl games?

Who was the first professional African American football player?

If you can tell me the website or source that would most apprecitable. Thanks

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    1. the first proffessional football team, is still in the NFL. Morgan Athletic Club/Racine Normals/Racine Avenue/Chicago/ST. Louis/Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals, started as an amateur team in 1898(22 years before the formation of the NFL).the team turned pro in 1913.

    2. the first super bowl game, took place in 1966.

    3. the first college bowl game was the rose bowl, first played in 1899.

    4. the first proffessional African American football players, were Fritz Pollard, of the akron proffessionals and, Bobby Marshall, of the Rock Island independents in 1920.

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    you root for a team because you like the city they are from, win or lose it should not matter. Do not be a band wagon fan, that means a team that is winning you root for until they start losing. There are 32 teams so look and see what you like in the players or certain receivers, running backs,defensive players it doesn't matter. What part of the U S A do you live in or do you. What teams do you prefer or have talked about etc...

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    1. Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears (ones that are still around) hence the intense hatred between the two. Best rivalry in the NFL.

    2. First Super Bowl- 1966 AFL vs. NFL. Winner: Green Bay Packers

    3. You got me.

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