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Is majoring in Culinary Arts in college a waste of time?

I have a passion for cooking and my parents think that I am far too smart to be doing it. I believe that on the contrary, cooking is something that books do not help, it comes from your heart and soul being put into a dish or a meal that you love. They had me take an IQ test and my score came out to be 152, without my age calculated (I'm 16), which is 22 points above genius and 47 points or so above the average american, I am happy with my scores and all and was wondering, with the economy the way it is what is the ideal class to major in during college? I have no idea what I want to be rather than a chef or a vetrinarian/possibly biologist but there arent many job openings in these careers, so what is a good major for me to be taking during college?

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    Scoring high on an IQ test demonstrates that you have excellent verbal and visuospatial skills. However, these skills may not be all you have to offer the world. Doing something you are passionate about is always a wise idea regardless of the amount of money you will earn or the value our culture puts on your position.

    While cooking does come from your heart and soul, I am concerned that you may short change yourself at culinary arts school. Knowing the chemistry of food and the art of presentation (all things your textbooks will teach you) will add balance and strength to your inborn talents.

    As far as your parents are concerned, you can always be a great chef and find delight in creating a new dish while you work in another profession. There is wisdom in knowing that you can find fulfillment in many aspects of your life; your career does not need to encompass every aspect of your personality.

    An article you might find interesting on IQ and economic success:

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    If you really truly love cooking then you should go for it. Culinary arts isn't useless, we need chefs all the time for all those restaurants in the world!

    The only thing you might worry about is the pay, for the average isn't very high I believe. But if you're lucky and work hard you might even be a top chef.

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    No job openings for veterinarians????????

    That is completely untrue. There is a huge shortage of veterinarians right now. Specifically food animal veterinarians. You are pretty much guaranteed a job after graduating vet school.

    It takes a lot of work, but you will have no problem finding a job. The hard part is getting into vet school. If your grades match up to your IQ then you should have no problem.

    Veterinarians are one of the careers that are considered recession proof along with veterinary technicians.

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    If you love cooking, you want to be a chef and be in charge of your own restaurant, just do it. You will probably have to mix business major/minor with it. Do what you love.

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    exciting majors do no longer pay ... properly different than in case you're terrific then yea you will make a respectable quantity of funds , yet to your undemanding student corporation/computers/engineering ... is a few distance greater effective , a minimum of your destiny is secured and you do no longer ought to rigidity .

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