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What do u think?Joan of Arc?

I'm learning about Joan of Arc in my French history class...

Do u think she really was receiving commands from God or do u think she was a crazy delusional girl that was some how given a whole army to lead???

Oh and do you think she should have been canonized as a saint??

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    She didn't wanted to be a saint,just "one of the boys"out there hacking skulls."God commanded her to do it"...yeah!gimme a break.

    Even the senile Abram heard voices that spelled his name AbraHam,told him to hit the roads and roam them until "promised land" and commanded him to kill his second male child....!!!?

    Why their followers believee them,that is a much gullible case to explain.

    Joan must have been amazing as a Lara Croft tomb(oy) rider gal kind to follow

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    I don't think she was crazy and delusional. She was a good miltiary leader, and raised the Siege of Orleans (it is not true that she was purely an inspirational figure). I don't think she would have been able to do all she did if she had been crazy. Whether or not her voices came from God I could not say, but she believed they did, and I personally would give her the benefit of the doubt.

    Source(s): Joan of Arc by Regine Pernoud Joan of Arc by Frances Gies Joan of Arc, Military Leader by Kelly Devries
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    She was crazy and exploited by the french crown. The myth is that she was given an army to command, when in fact she was given an army to inspire. Troop morale can make or break an army. What we were handed down by so called historians was a story to commemorate the struggle of the french to be free from the britons in a exaggerated and mystic adaptation of the truth. The same can be said about religion as a whole.

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    It is hard to explain all that Joan of Arc was able to accomplish apart from God. Almost everyone who knew her while she was alive believed she was led by God. Even at her trial by her enemies the question was never whether she heard Voices only whether the Voices were from God or from Satan.

    If anyone deserves to be called a saint it is definitely her.

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    Often people who hear voices are great military leaders. We have no way of knowing if the voices she heard were from God or from her own mind.

    Watch the movie "The Messenger." A great movie about Joan of Arc.

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    Anyone who says they are receiving commands from god is likely a crazy delusional person or just trying to get some attention.

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    I don't think she was hearing things from God, but she did do amazing things for a young girl in the Medieval time period.

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