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Jeff gordon on a good start?

Are any of you surprised on the good start of gordon this year leading the points. do you think he can win some races this year and be a contender?

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    No, I'm not surprised. We're talking about one of the greatest drivers of all-time. I had faith that he would start the season strong like this. This isn't the first time he has had a long winless drought; it's just the longest one he has ever had.

    I think his start to this year is very similar to the first few races of 2007. He came close at winning in almost every race until he finally won at Phoenix. He has been up front in every race so far this season. I think he will win many races this year and be a factor for the championship. He wants a title more than ever right now.

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    I can see Gordon doing a Jimmie this year

    Consistancy for the first part, get secured into the chase, and then REALLY push.

    Not sure he'll get the title, I mean Jimmie is always great in the last 10. Having said that, he's done pretty badly for the first few races this year, it'll be an intresting yeare for definate.

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    Good start... absolutely!

    Surprised... somewhat, but enthusiastic all the same.. but, come on. Why should I be.. that's Jeff Gordon!

    Can he win races? YES YES YES YES YES.. He is getting closer!!!

    I have to disagree on some points.. this year is a mirror image of the beginning of '07.. but in '07 he wasn't as perfect as he was when it came to setups, car performance, confidence, physical feature, team mind-set, team confidence, etc. than this year.... This year is a 1998 Jeff Gordon.. the happier Jeff Gordon... THE 2009 SPRINT CUP CHAMP JEFF GORDON!!!

    Yes, I was one of those people freaking out in '08, WG

    Source(s): Go Gordon! Drive 4 (to) 5 in '09!!!
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    well jeff has a few tracks he is good at .. then you have the road courses and dega.. So he will have his shots this year to win.. If he and his team stays in the form there is right now. I see him winning at least 3 to 4 races this year .. The first is the hardest after then ..who knows.. right now he wants it bad and may be pushing himself a little hard...i see the jeff of old when he talks .. he is happy and loving racing again.. his ex and some other problems about sucked the life out of him. he has new life with his new family...

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    I was more surprised that he had a bad season last year. It took him and his guys a little longer to figure out the COT (Crap Of Today). lol

    Jeff Gordon's back. He will win races and be a serious contender for the title.

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    All I know is, I don't see the 48 winning the Cup in '09

    And I think we're going to see some even more fierce racing this season than we did with Jimmie and Carl last year in the chase. The competition seems to have leveled off a little bit.

    ...and then there's "Kyle Busch!"

    Source(s): NASCAR 2009!
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    i am not suprised on the good start of the season for gordon,i mean the guy is a helluva driver.maybe the other 42 drivers need to watch out for him.and yes i think that he will be a contender for the sprint cup.

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    I'm not surprised...I was trying to calm down the 24 fans half of last season.

    You know a driver's amazing when one season of no wins causes mass hysteria.

    He'll be back to winning shortly, and yes I think he'll be a contender.

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    i didn't think so at the beginning of the year but now it looks like he has come back from the dead. This guy is not my fave by a long shot but you have to admit he is back in championship form. I do believe he will win over the next 2 races.

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    I'm not a big Gordon fan ,but it is nice to see him up front again

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