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When people claim they want to respect the "traditional definition of marriage"...?

Do they mean the REAL "traditional" definition of marriage, that has been around since this country was founded?

"Marriage is a union between a man and woman of the same race"

Or do they mean the non-traditional, more recent definition which has been around for a mere 42 years:

"Marriage is a union between a man and woman"


I hear people claim they want the definition of marriage to be the same as it was when the country was founded (I actually heard a quote from Ken Starr say exactly this), so I am assuming they mean the former definition, correct?

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    I think they mean the biblical definition

    "Marriage is a contract by which a man sells his daughter to another man"

    People who want to "stick to the definition of marriage" are people who do not realize that as a society we do not live our lives in accordance to the dictionary. Rather, the dictionary changes to suit how we use the language in our lives.

    If you don't want to change "Marriage" then I guess you can't use any of the words that have been added to the dictionary since the one you're using to define marriage. So much for using "internet" "google" "woot" "computer" "plasma" etc etc etc.

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    I see marriage as a religious belief that is between a man and a woman, of any race. However, if a gay or lesbian couple want a civil union, that will be legally seen as a marriage, then I'm all for that. That should also be extended to anyone, gay or straight, who wants to be "married" but does not want the religious aspect.

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    I guess you are only talking to citizens of the USA. Many of us live in other countries where "race" has never formally been part of the definition, although it is evident that interracial marriage was "frowned upon" until very recently.

    Certainly, if they are defining it by race then some education is called for.

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    Why just this country's or culture's traditional marriage? Even in most cultures that contributed to this one, multiple wives or a wife and several mistresses was the norm. Of course, other cultures have had a wide number of "traditional" marriages.

    The argument of "traditional" is absurd.

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  • I don't think it says same race but from the same type. Example it should matter if a Chinese married a Japanese they have similar customs. Whites with whites just doesn't mean German with German does it? I am asking as well so enlighten me if I am incorrect; in your mind. So then I guess that is White, Brown, Black, yellow - 4 sectors?

    The Bible says "..marry whomever you will as long as they are from the same tribe.." but I haven't studied that in depth. Never had the need to before now.

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    What about all the other "traditional" definitions of marriage?

    Polygamous marriage

    Morganic marriage

    Arranged marriage

    Dynastic marriage

    Exogamic marriage

    The idea that there is a single, unchanging definition of "traditional marriage" is a lie.

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    Then there is the typical marriage that ends in divorce where people cheat and beat on each other.

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    My father lamented that he did not receive any livestock when I got married. Of course, he was pleased that he was not required to pay my husband anything to take me. I guess our ideas about marriage have changed considerably.

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    Whatever the answer most of the time the institution of marriage is a miserable one! Just my thoughts..

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    i'm gonna go get myself a rich girl and get a dowry! ...maybe some cattle and land too!

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