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Can both Palestine and Israel have Jerusalem as a capital?

East Jerusalem the capital of Palestine.

West Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

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    Divided cities are ugly cities: Think of Belfast, of Nicosia, of pre-'89 Berlin and pre-'67 Jerusalem.

    What is to be said about this? First, that it is an ugly idea: ugly in its premises, ugly in its ramifications. And it is one that with better leadership from people like Olmert (who spent nine years as mayor railing against division), might have been avoided. Still, the issue is upon us, and must be debated on the merits.

    There are two. One is security: Some of the terrorism that has afflicted the Jewish side of the city came from neighborhoods Olmert wants outside the walls; for example, the killers of French Hill jogger George Khoury were from Kfar Akab. Then there is demography. In 1967, Arabs made up 26 percent of the reunited city's population. In 2000, the percentage was 31%. By 2020, it will be 38%. The Arab birth rate in Jerusalem is three times that of the Jewish birth rate - and Jews are net emigrants from a city where jobs are scarce and housing is expensive.

    These are powerful arguments. Yet they are also contradictory. If demography is the great worry, then it makes little sense to propose, as Olmert does, to exclude 50-60,000 Jerusalem Arabs from the city. After all, another 160,000 Jerusalem Arabs would remain on the Israeli side of the fence. More sensible in that case would be to adopt something like the Beilin or Barak plans and split the city right down the middle.

    On the other hand, a city split along demographic lines would pose enormous security hazards. Jewish Jerusalemites would be subject to gunfire from inaccessible Palestinian neighborhoods, just as they are in Gilo, and at closer range. And beyond such practicalities is the question of the status of the Old City and the Temple Mount; is this, too, to be relinquished to offload a few thousand more Arabs into Arafat's hands?

    In fact, the closer one looks at the case for redividing Jerusalem, the worse it looks. Disengagement - which we favor - is above all an argument about putting Israel behind maximally defensible lines. But just because withdrawal in Gaza is justified does not mean that withdrawal on all fronts is also justified. And this is particularly true in Jerusalem, which must never again be the isolated and besieged enclave it was prior to 1967.

    It is a tribute to Israel that as the wall goes up, most Arab Jerusalemites want to be on the Jewish side of it. Israel clearly needs to separate itself from the majority of Arabs. But it neither can, should, nor will, separate itself from all of them. Nowhere is this more true than in Jerusalem, and the great task before Israeli leaders should not be where to divide the city, but how better to bring it together.

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    No,Jerusalem should only be capital of Israel.Palestine does not have a historical existence separate from Israel

  • Zeno
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    Theoretically,but it hasn't worked out in the past and in any event they accepted the borders of the UN Partition Plan which do not encompass Jerusalem; if they had an issue with that they should have said so at the time. The 1950 truce lines are not a legal border. They are merely a truce line,period. Their legal borders are and will remain within the 55% of Mandate Palestine they accepted on Nov. 29,1947; the Jewish Agency was the legal predecessor of the Zionist government and they are obligated to maintain it's commitments. More than anything however it should be borne in mind that three religions regard Jerusalem as sacred,rather like Mecca or Vatican City; it is not intended to be a secular city with bars and dance clubs. Bear in mind also that more than 80% of "Israelis" - including their Founding Fathers - are simply Russian atheists; they are not qualified to administer a religious site and we have seen the consequences,as Jerusalem becomes ringed with high-rise apartments complexes. This is just so much urban sprawl but what can you expect when you turn a revered religious site over to a bunch of money-hungry atheists?

    They accepted the Partition Plan; that is their territory and they should keep to it willingly or be forcibly removed from Palestine. Their so-called "Jewish State" does not include Jerusalem and they freely accepted that 62 years ago. Anyone can google up a map of the Plan and discover the legal borders of both Palestine and what was to become "Israel". Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine. It cannot be moved into Jewish territory and Zionists cannot continue to occupy Palestinian territory.

    Obviously there are still religious Jews - people who actually practice Judaism - and their access must be safe-guarded; it is sacred to them also. But this can be accomplished by selling the entire former Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall to the Israeli Embassy; legally,embassy property is the actual national territory of the government of the embassy. If the Jewish Quarter is legally - technically,shall we say - a part of the Israeli Embassy compound,then the Israelis living there are on Israeli soil. I fail to see why this should not be satisfactory.

  • Laurie
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    Zionists, Jewish & Christian, have a mission that they will not deny, at least in action, being that they can & do, lie through their teeth when it comes to the rights they will give to Jews & Palestinians. The wall that is being built in Israel right now, is not sustainable. Many in the world are looking at Israel in a very negative way because of this wall. Zionists are dedicated to making Israel the land for Jews only!!! They say it's a Jewish country!!! Simply said, Jews only want to be with Jews; Jews hanging around with other Jews; Jews playing with Jews; Jews wailing with Jews; Jews choosing to be Chosen with other Jews; Jews studying & worshiping their personal, patented, copyrighted Yahweh. Hopefully they will wake up to their guaranteed failure in creating an homogeneous nation. But these extreme MATERIALISTS will not likely do so. We will see what happens..... Jews are a religion & not a race or ethnicity. The ridiculously materialistic Zionists, deep down, are mental cases!!!!!!

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    3 years ago

    No, only Palestine can have it, while Israel can have Tel Aviv. More Palestinians are moving in and outgrowing the Jews there anyways

  • 1 decade ago

    Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Palestine doesn't exist, nor do Arabs have the right to own it.

  • Anonymous
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    Before 1948 there was no West Jerusalem. East Jerusalem or the old city is a Palestinian city. The Israeli have a recognized capital called Tel Aviv. Can you show me a name of a city in the world that is a capital of 2 states. End of the story. Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine.

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    Of course not! That is a recipe for violence and I do not want there to be any more Jewish or Christian deaths and I do not want to hear about any more Moslem deaths. I also do not believe that Paris should be shared by France and Italy or that Washington D.C. shared be shared by the United STates and Canada.

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    religious jewish people and muslims and christians had lived there forever in peace for centuries...things are the way they are now because of the zionists

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    Yeah its been offered before.

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