How good of a shot do I have?

I applied to Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville, GA and I want to know if anyone else has maybe gotten accepted or denied and how good of a shot I have..

-1060 on the SAT

-3.28 weighted GPA

-5 honors classes

-i would say, a pretty darn good essay on how I can contribute to the individuality and diversity.

-submitted a resume showing extracurriculars: soccer, baseball trainer, 2 jobs, and club I co-founded

-nominated "Friendliest" in class :)

So I'm pretty much freaking out because this is THE school I want to go to, as well as one of the last ones I'm going to hear from..what do you guys think?

I already checked collegeboard/ ...but I'm looking for any.. more personal feedback..?

Thank you SOOO MUCH!

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    That school doesn't seem to be very selective with a 59% admittance rate. I think you have a pretty good shot in fact. Despite your GPA and SAT score, just hope that your extracurricular activities pays off somehow.

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