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World of Warcraft Guilds?

I just downloaded the trial, and I'm thinking about getting the full game. But I was just wondering how guilds work. I know what they are and everything, but how do guild members normally communicate? I wouldn't have to have skype or anything like that would I? And what level should I be before I join one? Also, when you go on a raid or something, how do you decide who gets what when it comes to rare items?

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    Guilds have their own chat channel within WOW. If they need to tell something that is needed to be told, they can simply Mail a member to tell them so (checking letterboxes fetches these letters, and the game tells you if you have mail). They do not always use skype, since most players don't. It isn't too uncommon to see one guy speaking using skype and is replied to in typing chat, especially at high levels.

    As for levels, different guilds take different levels. Typically level 30+ will get a serious consideration by a guild. Once you are in one, just join that one using all your characters, regardless of level. Loyal guildies are often respected better than ones that range where ever they want. Lastly, rare items are controlled (in the bank) by the settings of the guild master. This level of access increases with rank. In a instance, usually the person who needs an item the most will get it over those who don't. Just a warning: Don't go "need" on a item you don't. Many players get kicked from guilds by doing it. Simply: Guilds hate it. There is nothing worse than a mage wanting plate armour or a warrior trying to get a robe.

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    It entirely depends on the guild. Think of it like a fraternity. There are lots of different ones for lots of different reasons, some raid, some are "family" atmosphere, some are PvP, it all depends what you want to get out of the game what kind of guild you are going to go for. The higher end raid guilds will require you to have top gear and to prove yourself as a good raider, and also usually to have a good attitude and to be an adult (my raid guild required 18+, and I would never have gone to a guild that didn't). Level doesn't matter, if you find a guild you like and get along with you should think about joining. Talk to a member and see if its what you are looking for. Members usually communicate via a website/forums. In game, most use Ventrillo/TeamSpeak. When it comes to gear, most higher end raid guilds use a DKP system, and until you have been there a while, you won't have the DKP to use to get gear, so if gear is your only objective, you might have a tough time, you have to pay your dues if you want to be in a successful guild. If you have any other questions feel free to email me, or edit your post. Good luck!!!

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    Larger and usuually more raid-oriented guilds will have Ventrilo which is a free program for users. Someone in the guild will likely have a server, you would just need a headset. But most casual guilds will rely on guild chat and the ingame voice chat for communications. Different guilds require different levels before joining. My recommendation is that you take the time to look around and find the guild that most closely resembles your ingame goals.

    Raiding guilds will use a loot system(google dkp for an example) that should be explained prior to the raid.

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    check this out my man.. get the full version and join the server called "jaedenar"

    type /who Azeroth's most wanted

    ideally look for a 72 gnome warrior and say your on yahoo answers

    if im not on, ask anyone to invite you to the guild and say you know "thepags"

    im the #2 in that guild, its perfect for people lookin to level and have fun, and once we get enough ppl at the right level well be raiding like crazy and then ill explain how the looting thing will work for our guild (prolly a need over greed thing (if you need it youll get it)). you can be lvl1 when you join a guild btw. we just talk over the /g channel.. maybe later (when we raid) well get a vent channel that will let us talk using headphones and junk, but prolly not for a while.

    trust me you wont go wrong with my guild, ill take care of you my man.

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    Ventrilo is the most common voice chat program

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