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Do you have to ask BJJ instructors before you compete in a grappling tournament?

I've been traingin martial arts for 6 years. I did a good amount of BJJ at my old school, as well as other martial arts. At that school I wasn't ranked in BJJ. I'm now going to an all BJJ school, and I told them I have some BJJ background, but didn't tell them how much I really have. The problem is, that I want to go to NAGA World's which is in a month, and I've only been going to this new BJJ school for 3 weeks. I think if I asked my instructor he would think I was crazy for entering the advanced division, but I've already won the beginner and intermediate, so I'm not allowed to compete any lower.

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    You don't have to ask, but it's a respectable thing to do.

    It's not nice that your instructor end up finding out that you went to the competition later on and you didn't tell him about it (obviously you compete to win, and especially if you win something, words will come out in that particular circle and could easily go back to your instructor)

    I'm pretty sure if you explain to him that you won beginner and intermediate already then he will hear what you're about to say seriously.

    Most instructors are enthusiastic about their students going to competition and will most likely than not to be supportive and help in the training for that.

    Unless you do have some other mistrust toward your instructor, it's best to talk to him about it.

    Good luck.

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    you can enter naga without being a part of any team, but if you want to be backed by your team you should talk to your instructor and tell him that you have competed at naga before and won bot hteh beginner and intermediate.

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    I would say go for it. I've never had any formal martial arts training and I took 4th in NAGA Virginia on Feb. 28, 2009.

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    if you are already ranked you coach has no way of putting you in the lower ranks they have the rank system which prevents sandbaggers (not saying you are) but if you already took beg and inter then its only reasonable for you to go up i would just show hime your rank NAGA has it on their website print it out and show him you cant go lower then he has no choice but he still may think your not ready then it becomes a different matter all together then you just have to prove your heart to him

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    This is weird because your so good and experienced youve already won 2 other divisions yet your unsure of how to talk to your coach about it

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