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Is a kel-tec plr 16 as powerful as a 44 magnum?

I've been looking at some ballistics, and everything tells me that the .223 kel-tec plr is just as powerful as a 44 magnum. Is this true?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No the 223 with a 69gr hollow point more powerful,it exits the barrel at 3000fps and generates 1375fpe at the muzzle.The 44mag only exits at 1610fps and generates1036fpe.So the 223 is the winner here.In less the 44mag is shot out of a rifle than it out preforms the 223,cause then it exits at 1760fps and generates 1650fpe.

    Source(s): Remington ballistics chart.
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  • Reno
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    1 decade ago


    A .223 is a high velocity .22 cal bullet. A 44 mag can push a 340 grain bullet out 1500 plus fps. In a proper bullet, you will kill a bear with this. Try that with a ,223, and you will get mauled.

    Don't get lost in energy, it is only a number to consider when comparing the same caliber, different speeds.

    A perfect example is this. A 30-06 is the most popular rifle caliber in the US for hunting. A hot 180 grain bullet traveling over 3100 fps will put out 3840 plus pounds energy.

    A 45-70 loaded with a 500 grain bullet gets out of my Marlin at about 1625fps for 2931 lbs of energy. Based on this, the slow, and heavy 45-70 is a whimp compared to the 30-06. NOT TRUE!!!

    This 45-70 load will drive through a 1500 pound bull moose from front to back. It will kill Elephant and Cape Buffalo. It can shoot through the entire length of a Big Mature Grizzly Bear. All these animals are too big and tough even for the strongest of bonded bullets out of a 30-06.

    A .44 mag will also kill Moose, Bear, as well as Buffalo when shot from a lever.

    If you want bone crushing penitration, heavy bullets with a big meplat are where it is at. Heavy bullets generate momentum that drive deep.

    Good Luck.

    Source(s): Hornady Ballistic Charts Buffalo Bore ballistic charts .44 mag and 45-70 hunter
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, the .223 round does have a higher velocity, so that could work in its favor to make up for the fact that the bullets are only about 1/4 as heavy.

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  • 4 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    Apples & oranges .44 mag. handgun cartridge .223 centerfire rifle . very few handgun cartridges can generate anywhere near the energy of rifles.

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