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[急求]shakespear english sonnet

Canst thou,O cruel,say I love thee not

When I against myself with thee partake?

Do I not think on thee when I forgot

Am of myself,all tyrant for thy sake?

Who hateth thee that i do call my friend?

Oh whom frown'st thou that i do fawn upon?

Nay,if thou lour'st on me, do i not sped

Revenge upon myself with present moan?

What merit do i in myself respect

That is so proud thy service to despise,

WHen all my best doth worship thy defect,

Commanded by the motion of thine eyes?

But,love,hate on,for now i know thy mind;

Those that can see thou lov'st,and im blind.

有冇人可以解釋下each line咩意思?

最好句句都解釋一下 可以用番modern english or chinese解釋都得


呢篇係1篇sonnet黎用左好多好耐以前既英文"shakespear english"


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    Canst thou, O残暴,言I爱thee没有,当I反对我自己与thee参加? 我是否不认为在thee,当我忘记了上午我自己,所有暴君为了thy缘故? 谁hateth thee我告诉我的朋友? 噢谁我讨好的frown'st thou ? 反对,如果thou lour'st在我,我没加速的复仇在我自己以当前呻吟声? 什么优点何时i在我自己是那么藐视的骄傲的thy服务的尊敬,所有我的最佳的doth崇拜thy瑕疵,命令由thine眼睛的行动? 但,爱,怨恨,我暂时知道thy头脑; 能看thou lov'st的那些和im窗帘。

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