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How are you doing? I'm xxx.

My English is poor at listening, but good at speaking.

I work in travel agency, too.

About the hot air balloon, I didn't get it and was angry because my tour leader didn't make discount for me.

I can't tell the detail very clearly.

Hope you to understand me.

Finally, I wish you come to Taiwan. Taiwan is a beautiful country,too.

P.S. There is two pictures for you.



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    Hi, it's XXX. How are you doing?

    I am not good at listening English but good at speaking.

    I am working at travel agent as well.

    I didn't understand what's wrong with hot air balloon and was also angry becuase my tour guide didn't make any discount on me.

    Sorry that I can't tell the details very clearly but I hope you can understand what I meant.

    The last but not the least, I hope you can visit Taiwan at some somes because Taiwan is also a beautiful country.

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