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題目是 "My Favorite Subject" 我最喜愛的科目

我想寫英文課!! ((((不知道這樣會不會很拍馬屁>"<?













Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, my name is ..... <<<這樣會太短嗎?






不好意思 麻煩各位大大幫幫我...





因為我想放在那段的第一句..所以我想用what's most接<<

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    Actually, you have pretty good idea of what you want to say. I would outline the speech in three sections: Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion.

    1. Introduction:

    Spend about thirty seconds of your speech on introduction. Your purpose is to grab the audience’s attention and their interest to listen to what you have to say. To increase their interest or grab their attention, you can start with a joke, a question, or an interesting comment.

    For example:

    Honorable judges and fellow schoolmates. It is my pleasure to be here with you. Before I dive into my speech, can anyone of you tell me what your favorite subject is? Can you guess what mine is? If you are thinking about sex, you have thought too much. My favorite subject is ….

    2. Main Body

    The main body is the heart of your speech. Here, you would state reasons and supporting evidence. List three to five points.

    為什麼喜歡英文課. 我的英文課有什麼特別的地方. 還有英文對我們的未來有什麼幫助等等 are points that you would state in the main body of the speech.

    I like English because:

    a. My English class is special. Why? Provide supporting evidence.

    b. It is beneficial to me. Why? Provide supporting evidence.

    b1. It helps to broaden my view. Why?

    b2. It helps to advance my career. Why?

    3. Conclusion

    Conclusion is an opportunity for you to to summarize your main points, to and emphasize your points, so the audience will leave memorizing your speech.

    For example:

    As I stated earlier, I find attending English class rather fascinating. Equipped with the skill, I am able to travel to most of the countries without any language barrier. Is traveling one of your passions? If it is, you may find English the favorite subject of yours too.

    By the way, don’t copy what I stated. The examples were provided to you to help you write a speech. It would be easier to memorize and deliver the speech more effectively if you write it yourself.




    -- See comments below or in the comment section-

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    Don't make it too hard for yourself to remember.

    1) Know your material. Use humor, personal stories and conversational language – that way you won't easily forget what to say.

    2) Practice, pause and breathe.

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    a. Start with eye contact. Don't just pass your gaze throughout the room; try to focus on individual listeners and create a bond with them by looking them directly in the eyes for five to 10 seconds.

    b. Smile!

    2009-03-10 14:05:18 補充:

    c. Express emotion with your facial muscles.

    d. Avoid distracting mannerisms such as fidgeting, twitching, lip biting, key jingling, hands in pockets or behind the back.

    2009-03-10 14:05:47 補充:

    e. Telling a story? Highlight the action verbs and look for ways to act out one or more parts. Speaking about marathon running? Run a few steps.

    2009-03-10 14:06:12 補充:

    f. Make gestures convincing. Every hand gesture should be total body movement that starts from the shoulder – never from the elbow. Half-hearted gestures look artificial.

    2009-03-10 14:06:28 補充:

    g. Vary your speaking position by moving from one spot on the stage to another. For example, walk to the other side of the stage as you move to a new topic or move toward the audience as you ask a question.

    h. Remember to pause and breath.

    i. Use visual aids if you can.

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    This does not fit in this speech because you are talking about your favorite subject, not how to improve your English.

    The translation is: To improve your English, what's most important is to love it rather than giving it up.

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    There were my experiences from joining Toastmaster International and attending the speech contests.

    2009-03-13 22:39:18 補充:

    Sorry that you don't find it helpful. All I provided are directions and tips you can use, which will benefit you in the long time. You will only learn it when you put it in practice.

    Source(s): Won some speech awards from Toastmaster International Speech Contests, Won some speech awards from Toastmaster International Speech Contests. Myself. Went abroad at age 11. With 32 years experience speaking and writing English.
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    不要說Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, my name is .....

    要說Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, I am.....

    I would like to introduce the kind of traditional Chinese wedding that my mother&#039;s time used. The traditional Chinese wedding process, first, the groom&#039;s parents will go to see the fortuneteller with couple&#039;s Lunar birth dates, to get specific date and time for the couple to get marrued. When the date is set, they will go and reserve reception, bridal gowns, wedding cake and date to make wedding pictures and so on.


    On the wedding day, the groom gose to the bride&#039;s house to pick up the bride, He will attend a special lunch with bride&#039;s family, once finished, the couple needs to worship their ancetors and God....


    Good Luck.

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