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    Allen: Hi, Betty! Long time no see.

    Betty: Ya! I haven’t seen you since we graduated from school. How have you been lately?

    Allen: Fine! How about you? Is this your friend?

    Betty: Sorry, I forgot to introduce you my friend. This is Charlie. This is Allen.

    Allen: Nice to meet you, Charlie.

    Charlie: Nice to meet you, too. Allen.

    Allen: Are you a student?

    Charlie: No, I’m a doctor. Betty and I work in the same hospital. I just graduated from medical school. I’m learning from Betty now.

    Allen: No wonder you look so young. Is it fun to work at hospital?

    Betty: You bet.

    Charlie: Well, It’s not an easy job, but I feel great to help patients. It was my dream to be a doctor when I was a child. And you? Are you also a doctor?

    Allen: No, I’m a teacher. Betty and I were classmates in high school. She was a smart girl, so now she becomes a doctor.

    Betty: That’s really a compliment. Allen was the best student in our class. You should know him better.

    Allen: Anyways, I’m not interested in being a doctor. To be a teacher was my dream, and I’ve fulfilled my dream. I enjoy teaching a lot. Hopefully, I can help my students to be a useful person to the society.

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    Charlie: That’s great. I was lucky to have a nice teacher in high school. He inspired me so much. I wouldn’t go for a medical school without him.

    Betty: Sounds interesting. Tell us about it.

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    Charlie: I had some friends who seduced me to use drugs. I didn’t feel like to study at all and I almost failed all my tests at that time.

    Allen: That was terrible.

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    Charlie: Fortunately, I met Mr. Wang. He was a new teacher to our class. He tried to get me back. He spent a lot of time tutoring me after school everyday, and helped me to stay away from drugs.

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    Betty: That must be hard. Now I know why you are trying to help people keep out of drugs.

    Charlie: Ya, that’s a long story. Sorry, Allen, we got to go. We have a meeting to catch in ten minutes. Maybe talk to you some other time.

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    Allen: Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that. Sorry to keep you so long. Let me buy you guys a cup of coffee some time.

    Betty: OK, you can always meet us in this hospital.

    Allen: Sure, bye. Nice to know you, Charlie.

    Charlie: Same here. Bye.

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