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i have two Pseudotropheus Kenyi that are both blue?

aren't the males supposed to be yellow?

i found babies but i don't have a male. can they breed with other species?

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    Males are supposed to be yellow yes, but are you sure they came from those Kenyi? Did you actually see the fry going in and out of the mothers mouth? If they did, since I have seen your photos, I can tell you this much. It means you have a hybrid. There is no male Kenyi in all your shots, nor any Jack Dempsey unless the shots you posted don't show every fish in the tank? Most likely, I think the Kenyi crossed with the Flavus. In this case, I wouldn't do anything to help the fry.

    Cross breeds in Africans and pretty much cichlids in general are highly discouraged as well as worthless, except for something like an OB peacock. Not much you can really do at this point, but keep in mind this. If you intend to grow out and raise that hybrid, DO NOT SPAWN IT BACK WITH ANYTHING. What you'll end up doing is introducing some screwed up bloodlines down the road and really piss off some hobbyist that will have no idea this Kenyi carries Flavus genes in it, and you wouldn't want that done to you. Take measures to prevent the hybridization now and don't isolate that fry. At some point in time, a male will get it and take care of it naturally. It sounds harsh or mean, but it's a fact of life. In the wild, MANY fry are eaten by males in African. This isn't a fish you want to raise to adulthood.

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