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As one of the few African-American Republicans, will Michael Steele survive Rush's criticisms?

Rush has had a lot to say about the evils of affirmative action and how losers like Donovan McNabb got their wealth and position because of their skin color. Will Michael Steele be able to survive Rush's insults and attacks?

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    MIchael Steele is through. Once he had to crawl back to Massa Limbaugh on his knees and apologize, he lost all credibility. He looks incredibly weak and discombobulated now.

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    Oh, god, yes. He'll be fine. The Republican Party is not some huge friggin' monolith; they disagree lots more than the Dems do, which is both a weakness and a strength.

    You want a good example of an admired black Republican, by the way? Look up the economist Thomas Sowell. That man is a genius. And there are lots of black Republican pundits: Star Parker, Baldilocks, and Larry Elder, right off the top of my head. There are more black Republicans than you think, my friend. And none of them awarded respect because of affirmative action, but rather because they earned it.

    Obama, on the other hand. . .

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    Your question and vile statements are the very reason why the GOP/conservatives are no more and a Democratic President is in office. Steele's own RNC white members don't have the backbone to tell him that their party is harmed by his comments to Rush. An African-American member of the RNC has a petition to boost him out.

    How sad!

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    the lady democrate from cal. nancy police..she want to band anyone like rush to not be able to freedom of speech. we will lose our freedom to other countries if we allow this bill to pass, and then god have what ever on our souls..we are a dom nation and when 2012 dec21 comes around. thats went everything is going to hit the fan and people are begaining to think more and more about that date. go to dec 21 2012 and read. we will be at war big time before this comes. but the young poeple will kill thems selves as to think what is going to happen...ill see all you either in heaven or hell.probly heaven first because we already living in hell//

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    What has McNabb got to do with Steele?

    Steele is a big boy, he can handle Rush.

  • Paul
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    Michael Steel is a bad example of a Republican

    now Colin Powell was a good example of a Republican that got shafted

    by George Bush and his administration~~there is no real strong

    Republicans but there will be

    Newt Gingrich is the only one I would support and I am a Democrat

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    Losers like McNabb?

    He has more money than you and I will ever see. Did Palin become governor because of affirmative action dimwit?

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    I think several important Republican figures are going to step in and persuade Rush Limbaugh to lay off Michael Steele.

    If reason and persuasion doesn't work, they could just throw money at him and he'll shut up.

  • You're delusional. - or lying. Care to tell us which?

    He's said no such thing about McNabb and rather digs Steele - and obviously so.

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    9% Of the Party is black, and probably 100% of the successful and employed with an idea of how to end poverty.

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