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What does being high (on marijuana) feel like?

I'm planning on trying marijuana for the first time some time over the march break. And i was wondering what it felt like to be high.

Also what do i need to know the first time i try it?

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    There's just a few things to be sure of:

    -Have snacks, you get the munchies, ALL food tastes great.

    -Have some chilling music like reggae, it sounds great!

    -Don't do it in bad weather, or you might start panicking and freaking out. (This only happens to some people)

    Just be with some friends, relax, and have a good time, it is great. You feel happy, relaxed, all your troubles go away, you see that THERE IS good and hope for peace in the world.

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    We'll if you want to get the most insane feeling of your life some it out of a bong. It's a lot smoother so you won't cough as much and the feeling is crazy compared to a joint or pipe. When you do it make sure you are with some friends, got some good munchies, got some netflix, and a comfortable spot and it's literally the best thing in the world. I earn you when you do it you will feel really weird like out of this world. You feel tall and when I was watching a movie you basically laugh at everything. Me and my friend always get the same feeling. When we are watching a movie we both thought for sure we have saw that movie before and we thought we new what was going to happen next but the next day I watched it again and it was totally different. When your high it feels so much more fun. If your not panicking ( trust me don't i did the first time and freaked out) it's the best thing in the world.

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    Hopefully the people you are smoking with have experience with it, when I smoked weed for the first time I had no idea what I was doing, I didn't hold the smoke in, and I didn't get high at all. Let them show you exactly how to do it. Also do it somewhere you can enjoy the high, marijuana isn't bad, just don't get carried away, and do be an idiot. If your somewhere where your constantly worried about being busted then you are going to be paranoid the whole night, and not be able to relax at all.

    Depending on what you are smoking (whether its shwag, regs, mids, dank) the high will vary. While you are high you will probably be forgetful, everything will be hilarious, and you will be very relaxed. When I first got "superhigh", when I walked it felt like I was on a treadmill, I would be moving, but it didn't feel like I was going anywhere.

    Oh and don't drive, I admit I am guilty of it, and to the experienced smoker it really isn't a big deal, but my first time getting extremely high I tried to drive home and had to just pull over and come down for a bit, it's best to just not mess with it. As long as you don't get paranoid, anything you do is going to be enjoyable.

    Have fun, and be safe. Oh and don't go on to anything harder! If your going to do a drug just smoke pot and let that be it please.

    Source(s): Years of Experience. I have Chron's disease, and have found marijuana to be very helpful.
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    First of all, sorry Chris B, I meant to give you a thumbs up, not a thumbs down.

    Well, f you're trying it for the first time, MAKE SURE TO INHALE. I can't stress this enough. You can't just hold it in your mouth. You gotta really push it down into your lungs.

    As for the effects, you'll feel "altered." Things will seem funnier and more interesting, and your senses will be altered. You'll be really damned hungry (and food will taste amazing), your eyes will likely get red, your vision may be somewhat affected, your mouth will get dry (just plain water is best for this I've found), music will sound great, things will feel different (btw, orgasms are magnified by about ten times when high) and depending on the strain/the amount you smoke/your tolerance, you'll either feel inspired and social, or you'll feel the famous "couch-lock" effect. Both are nice.

    In short, you'll be hungry, happy, and sleepy.

    Oh, and PLEASE don't start stereotypical stoner conversations. "Dudes.......what if like......we could fly, and like.......dragons were real n' ****, so we could like ride them and be like....HOLY **** I'M RIDING A DRAGON!"

    You know the sort. Just relax and enjoy a nice chilled out high.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    Weed is pretty exaggerated in most movies, it actually pisses me off. It affects everyone differently. When you smoke marijuana it sort of "amplifies" your senses and changes your perception. The first time you get high (and people don't always get high the first time they do it) you will probably cough and it will seem harsh. Weed usually doesn't hit you immediately after you smoke it and it might take you a couple rounds to get used to it. As time passes if you're going to get high you will notice it. Things will seem...different. If you're outside you will notice things look different like the trees, ground, etc. Almost like you can see another side or angle of the world. If you're inside you might notice or become fascinated by everyday things, posters, patterns, etc. -Music sounds INCREDIBLE while high. -It gets harder to hold back laughter, most people will laugh at things they either normally wouldn't laugh at, or will laugh louder or longer. -Time will appear to slow down or speed up or both. While high if you do something then look at a clock you will be shocked at how much time has passes usually. -Food tastes incredible, you usually get hungry at a certain part of the high. -The entire process of thinking changes while high. You might feel you are thinking incredibly fast, or very slow. You will probably "hear" yourself thinking much louder or intensely than normal. Make sure you smoke with friends and do something fun the first time, you'll never forget it!

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    Different types of bud will give you different highs, but most likely if its good bud you'll get a nice body and mind high. You'll be happy and confident, ehh kinda hard to describe. If you close your eyes and turn on some music it'll be like a music video in your head you'll take a trip like into your head with like a story and crap. Your body will feel a bit shakey your first time, depends on you and the type of bud though. Normally ur bodys kinda fuzzy and well theres a lot of different posibilites. If you can know what your getting and post, and i know what it is i can give u a much better description.

    • Daniel6 years agoReport

      In my opinion, I disagree with anyone who says it is totally different than feeling drunk. To me it is about 95 percent the exact same sensation as being drunk. I noticed no significant difference from being drunk vs. high on marijuana.

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    Well when I first did it I felt it immediately I started smiling and I felt like my face muscles were stuck. I could not stop laughing even though the room was dead silent I started rambling on about the most randomest things and when I tried I start a conversation with someone I couldn't even keep up with it I was very confused when I tried to stand up I almost fell over I stood in my living room laughing straight for 20 minutes when I tried to do something I would keep getting side tracked everything seemed like it was slowed down I took time to think more about things and I was curious about everything at the end of the high I got the munchies and literally are everything in sight I ate until I almost puked I talked for such a long time and could not stop I would try to have conversations and would randomly burst out laughing over nothing or would laugh at things that I normally wouldn't laugh at but I would totally recommend it. It's great!

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    Usually you don't get high your first time trying it. I didn't get high until my 4th time trying it. When I got high for the first time I was with a friend and I couldn't tell if I was in a dream or not. I almost went home because I didn't know what was going on. I went into town with my friend and we went to Burger King and I thought my friend told me to stop laughing because there was a cop so I went outside. Once we go out there, 5 minutes later I asked him if the cop was still in Burger King and he said, "Dude what are you talking about, there was never a cop in there." That's when I knew I was hallucinating and It was very hard to ride my bike home. Don't drive.

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    Being High On Weed

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    some people dont get high their first time, so make sure you smoke a lot :)

    make sure you have some snacks and juice also because it makes your mouth dry and you get hungry.

    your gonna laugh at everything, its the best feeling in the world.

    your going to think of things in a way you've never thought of them before.

    music is gonna sound amazing, and if you have itunes, watch the visulizer, its great hahah.

    the only bad thing about it is its illegal so be careful, getting caught with it on you would be baddd.

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