Psychology vs. Psychiatry.?

okay so i am a junior in high school and my dream is to become a certifies therapist [[youu know...the one who youu lay on a couch in their office and talk about your problems to]] but im not sure what the difference between psychology and psychiatry....can youu please specify the difference..and how much each takes school wise...and salary..please and thank youu.


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    Hi there. I work in mental health as a therapist. I must tell you though, times have changed! People really do not lay on the couch anymore. I've never had a single client who did actually. There is a lot of research out there actually that supports doing therapy in your clients' homes because research suggests that clients do better in therapeutic settings like that because they are "less threatening" and the therapist can see the client in their natural if you're looking to have someone lay on a couch, that really has been phased out. Perhaps that could occur in psychoanalytic therapy but that takes an additional 7 years specialization. As for the differences between psychiatry and psychology...they seem pretty basic. Psychiatrists are Medical Doctors (MD's who have about 1+ years training in psychiatric illnesses and medication). Pschiatrists have 4 years of college, 4 medical school, plus their internship 1-2 years, then residence in psychiatry for another few years. So, that's about ten plus years of school. They however, do not "do" therapy. Some may argue that they do but generally speaking, they are not trained specifically in doing psychological counseling or therapy. A psychiatrist (medical doctor) has the privlidge of prescribing medicaton to patients whereas a psychologist does not. A psychologist or therapist has 4 years of college, 2-4 years of of graduate school. The graduate school training specifically works towards training you to be a talk therapist. This is basically the general differences between the two careers.

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    Theres only one difference between to to psychology is simply counseling and similar work, psychiatry means that you have a medical degree behind it. A psychologist can not dispense medicine, while a psychiatrist can. The careers are similar and it all depends on what field you intend in going into. Unless your really into meds Id suggest psychologist and when you get right down to it, if your desire is helping people aim for counselor certification, its considered counseling but counselors do more or less the same as psychologists, but pull a smaller pay.

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    Psychology involves mostly therapy, the "talking" cure. To be a psychologist, you must have at least a master's degree in psychology. Most psychologists have a doctorate, though, and this takes a bit longer. Psychologists make an average of $59,440 per year, but income depends on the area of psychology you focus on.

    Psychiatry involves giving clients medication and treating chemical imbalances, etc. You must go to medical school for this and complete residency in psychiatry. Psychiatrists make an average of $173,922 per year starting out.

    From your description of what you want to do, though, I think psychology is more your field. I would like you to know that the laying on the couch thing is a bit outdated, too, and that psychologists tend to have a bit different approaches nowadays.

    I gave you a shortened version. Here's a bit more information on each:



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    a psychologist analyzes behavior, such as one who has a drinking problem or one who feels depressed all the time.

    it takes a license to become a psychologist, so obtaining a masters or doctoral, depending on your area of specialization.

    the salary depends on your state, but psychologists generally earns about 35k to 110k. there are many factors that determine this, such as your level of education, experience and region.

    a psychiatrist specializes in treating mental disorders. they are certified to prescribe medicine; they go through medical training to do so.

    similar to psychology, psychiatry takes 4 years to get a bachelors, then 2 more years in medical school (to be certified). if you chose to specialize in a specific field of psychiatry, such as child psychiatry, you may want to consider additional training.

    the salary can also range, depending on state, and addtional factors. most psychiatrists can earn 140k to 200k per year. but a general starting salary can be 60k

    i hope i helped (:

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    Well I know that psychiatrists can prescribe drugs, where psychologists can't.

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