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Motorcycle Passenger age restriction?

My son who is almost 5 has been riding with my husband on his motorcycle since he was 3 years old with full protective gear special pegs and everything with no problem . We would pass cops and they would just smile and wave. Even before we put him on the bike we looked up the laws of age restriction and all the laws required to carry a Passenger in Oklahoma and have followed every one.. Of course we do not go 65 miles down the highway with him we go around the local park at 15/20 miles an hour. I know everyone has a different opinion on whats safe for a child and I totally respect that. My problem is today my husband was pulled over by an officer that told him that any child under the age of 6 had to be in a car seat. Which KUDOS for him it is, in a CAR. He did not get a ticket in my opinion because he couldn't because there is no age restrain he probably just though it was unsafe for my son to be on the motorcycle which is fine. I understand that. However he told him if he caught him again that he would call child protective services and nail his @SS to the wall. Any opinions ? Advice ? Resources?


I just want something to back us up WHEN we put him on the bike again. You know documentation so If I do have to take him to court for harrassment.

Update 2:

Update: There is no law stating that a child of any age CANNOT ride on the motorcycle as long as you are following all the other rules. We went to the local police department and an spoke to an officer that said basically that the cop that gave us a hard time had no right to do that. So HAHAAHA.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Go buy a copy of Easyriders and tear out the national laws chart that shows there are only two states with age restrictions. They are Hawaii-under 7 and Washington-under 5. That or make the uneducated cop get out his law book and show you the civil ordinance or law.

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  • 5 years ago

    It might not be against the law, but it is endangering your child s live unnecessarily to put him on the back of a motorcycle, so the police officer can very well report it to CPS. It is sad that we have to have so many laws for stupid people that don t use common sense like having passengers in trucks of cars or putting 3 year olds on the back of motorcycles or more recently like smoking in a car with a minor had to become a law. Take a look at the warnings on a common beach ball...stupid people require more laws. It doesn t matter how safe the driver of the motorcycle is, the roads are filled with more stupid people and hazards that could harm your baby. Maybe some people are right we need to a law to require only educated people to have a right to be parents.

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  • 4 years ago

    i do no longer know approximately different states, yet in Idaho there is not any age regulations on passengers. besides the incontrovertible fact that it does state that the passenger might desire to apply the foot pegs. I even have checked maximum states and have chanced on helmet regulations, motorbike regulations, or maybe eye placed on regulations, yet nowhere have i chanced on age regulations for passengers. To holiday with a toddler that isn't great adequate to attain the pegs is to risky. I had to attend till my daughter became 6 years old previously she might desire to attain the pegs. previously that element I basically gave her short rides around the block. Now at age 7 she has been on a hundred mile rides, and next 365 days i desire she will have the capacity to do 3 hundred mile rides. As for the seat belt you're able to to boot strap the toddler to a nuclear bomb and set it off by fact if the motorbike is going down with a seat belt there'll be no longer something yet a hundred yards of floor meat.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There is no age requirement for passengers. I have provided a link to support my answer.

    Post.Script. Tell the cop to get educated on the laws! Its his job!!!!

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