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I need tips for this low carb diet. Any experienced dieters? Please help me?

So I'm in day 3 of the south beach diet. I am one of those who analyze everything so with that in mind please give me advice =) ...

I have eaten nothing but low carb foods the past three days:

Cottage cheese, cheese, eggs, salads with ranch (1 carb in ranch...yeah I was pretty excited), chicken salad, tuna salad, green beans, Broccoli, sugar-free jello, more cheese, baked chicken, and a multi-vitamin everyday.

And I also exercise moderatley.

I know it's way too soon to see results but does anyone know when you start to feel lighter? If anything I feel more bloated and like a tub at the moment. My goal is to lose altleast ten pounds. I need some encouragement...like advice on what could make this diet better. Am I doing it right so far? Is there any success stories with south beach or its sister diet (atkins)?

Any food recomendations?

Thanks so much! =)

p.s. please don't try and convince me to try a different diet. I'm to determined for this one and I won't change my mind. I would just like advice...thank you!

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    it's not just eating low carb foods, it's also important how much and when you eat? are you eating 5 small meals a day, spaced no more than 4 hours apart? are you drinking lots of water - at least 2 liters? btw, cottage cheese is not low carb and cheese should be limited. the meat that you are eating should be limited to about 3 to 4 oz, as well. how many salads do you eat a day? one? try two.

    it's too soon to see results, but if you've been following a fairly low carb diet you should start to be in ketosis, which is when your body switches to fat burning vs. carb burning. get some ketostix from your local drugstore and test your urine to see if you have started the process. if so, you should see some nice results in about another 7-10 days...

    good luck!

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    It appears such as you wish to seem such as you got here from a nazi awareness camp. This all relies on how lively you're and what sort of vigour you wish to have. If you dont get ample to consume youll be worn out and cranky. Youre developing and until you wish to be five'four" without end youll wish to consume somewhat extra. Breakfast a bowl of cereal with fats loose milk, up to you consider you wish to have. Milk is well for you, plenty of nutrients, minerals specifically CALCIUM and plenty of PROTIEN, do not pass it youll be vulnerable or else. Eggs are well I opt for with out yolk which has a shitload of ldl cholesterol. Oatmeal with skim milk rather of water. Orange Juice is prime in energy however is critical on your wellbeing only a glass Lunch This is the major meal when you consider that its within the center of the day and has to maintain you over for essentially the most lively facet of the day. You wish some thing with carbs, bread (no desserts or cinnamon rolls) and a few veggies and lean protien liek fish or chicken meat now not such a lot beef or red meat. Now nutritious do you consider the ones snacks are? You want some thing that has alot of vitamins and minerals. Broccoli, Greenbeans, fish, and many others. Oils are well too like olive and peanut oil. Hydrgenated is terrible for those who see that hold away Dinner Sanwiches are a gondsend now not an excessive amount of vigour so you'll sleep Snacks Fruit Jerky Water Bananas Tea Baked potato Fat loose yogurt cups Gotta move. wish it is helping youre ravenous your self! Read up on matters earlier than you consider you realize what youre doing! EXERCISE! RUN! BIKE! SWIM!

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