Questions about Obama's memoir "Dreams from My Father"?

I have a few questions on this book. I'm like 90% done with it but now I'm writing my oral presentation for tomorrow and I'm a little confused. In the first chapter Obama receieves a call about his father dieing. Is this a flashback?

What does Obama do next?

Does he set out to retrace his fathers life?

Throughout the whole book Obama is talking about himself, what does his father have to do with anything?


I DONT CARE about whether or not he wrote the book. I DONT CARE if you all think he sucks. It does NOT matter at this point. I asked a question and expect a well thought-through decent answer. I chose this book because I ENJOY learning about our President. Kind of helps to get a grasp on what he'll be doing for us.... Now if you would be so kind, answer the questions at hand, not whether or not he wrote the book himself or if he sucks or not.

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    I have "The American Journey of Barack Obama" and in it Obama is 21 when he learns of the death of his father. His father had been in an automobile accident and may have lingered before dying but there is no reference to a call so I can't help you there. Obama Sr. died 1982.

    I have him (Obama, Jr.) in Kenya in 1987 and 1992. That leaves education and work in between because he married Michelle in 1992. He is talking about his father as any child would do with an absent parent but his heritage became more important to him with the death of his father, plus he loses his mother in 1995.

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    Who the hell knows? The book is about Obama because that's all that Obama is interested in: Obama. Obama did not know his father and only "dreamed" of what it would be like to have the ne'er-do-well polygamist "father" who knocked up his half-witted mother around.

    There is much evidence that Bill Ayers wrote "Dreams From My Father." Obama was unable to produce a readable manuscript. In a move absolutely unheard of in publishing, the publisher send BO and his wife to Bali (???????) to luxuriate and "finish" the book. At some point many months later, a completed manuscript was produced.

    No one, I'm telling you: NO ONE, writes TWO life stories before the age of 35. And no one is published right out of the box with NO writing experience whatsoever. The press would have us think of BO as some sort of literary "idiot savant." I'm all for the "idiot." I think the "savant" takes it a bit too far. BO can't put two words together without a teleprompter so he sure didn't write those books on his own.

    Be that as it may, comparisons of sample text run through various computer programs show that Bill Ayers was likely the author of "Dreams From My Father."

    Given that both books were merely instruments in the long-term plan for his rise to political greatness (and socialism in America), it doesn't matter what his father had to do with anything.

    There's no point in analyzing the book. It's rubbish and most of it, like it's author, makes no sense at all.

    Check out:

    All that said, you have NO right to expect anything, much less a "well thought out answer." If you want to "learn" about the president, don't read the rubbish that he's written in praise of his sorry self. Instead, read "ObamaNation" by Jerome Corsi and "The Case Against Barack Obama" by David Freddoso. THAT is where you'll find out about the president--in books that tell the truth, not from some soppy, self-adoring drivel written by a conman.

    Obama isn't going to do "anything for us." Anything Obama does will be for Obama. If you read Corsi and Freddoso and a host of other truth-sayers, you'll see that you, like the many, many Americans have been duped.

    If you're serious about getting information on Obama, you need to start reading some serious books by serious authors who know how to research and write. Books about Obama by Obama are, like the man, a joke. You waste your time reading them. And I should think that by reading them you would at least grasp what a waste of time he is.

    Wake up.

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