what can I do for fun to keep busy while im...?

im recently unemployed and going to college. i only go to school one day a week for the next couple months, so i have a lot of time to do other stuff. i will be collecting unemployment by next week. i dont want to get a job because i want to go to school full time, so collecting unemployment will be enough or me. ive been getting lazy and just sleeping all day. i just bought a Wii, but i have a sprained wrist so i cant really play it. what could i do to keep myself busy during the day?

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    1 decade ago
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    Call up some friends and go to an amusement park for the day, look for some new music to listen to on your friend's play lists, go dancing with some buddies for a night, start a collage on your wall, write with washable glass paint on your friend's cars, go to a craft store and pick out a plain wooden trash can and paint it funky colors, re arrange your room, go to a concert, make bracelets, make some calls to people you've lost touch with, go searching for old high school buddies on facebook, take a picture with your best friends and go out and buy a frame for it and paint designs or inside jokes on it, take time to just sit in the middle of no where and just breathe.

    Have fun(:

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