How to connect to locked WiFi?

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I have an iPod Touch. Several of my neighbors have locked WiFi that has a strong signal from inside my house. I don't have WiFi of my own and I want to be able to connect to their more
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  • confused answered 5 years ago
    ok don't listen to those people, they are novice computer users who think every problem can be solved by pressing ctrl+alt+delete. They're wrong. Here, try this code on most of them. It should work on at least one
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  • kratos answered 5 years ago
    u can do it but u need a laptop, and have lotsa knowledge on the networking. which u would not learn juzz for using wifi .
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  • ilan answered 5 years ago
    As you know, it's illegal. Cracking a WEP is not impossible but sniffing it is a long, tidius process. 10 digits, can be all 1s, 1 - 0, a phone number, etc. I don't advocate illegal stuff, I suggest save up $40 bucks and get your own sexy WiFi signal with uber-strength. That way you can use it for anything witout the risk of someone logging you.
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  • redlt1 answered 5 years ago
    Not worth the effort, and can be considered a felony. Do you really want to risk that? Even the least serious felonies usually allow for five years of prison time.
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