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What is RNA primer? what does it do?

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    An RNA primer is several complementary strands of RNA added to the lagging strand of DNA by RNA polymerase. It will begin synthesis of the lagging strand in DNA replication.

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    Rna Primer

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    DNA has a higher thermodynamic stability than RNA per unit length. DNA is easier to work with. Also remember that the primers which are used in PCR, are incorporated into the final PCR amplicon. If we used RNA primers in PCR with free dNTPs then the newly synthesised stands will contain DNA which is flanked by RNA portions. This messes up how the strands reanneal. Also, when we PCR, we are generally amplifying DNA not RNA, so we use DNA. Even experiments which are done on RNA are first converted to cDNA (by reverse transcription). Then the cDNA (which is the DNA version of the RNA) is amplified using DNA primers in PCR. This is because of the whole stability issue and also because genetic technologies have traditionally been used for DNA analysis rather than RNA analysis. This is changing though.

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    simply, RNA primer is a very short sequence of nucleotides is found and added to the template DNA strand to initiate transcription of RNA.

    there is much more about it, but I gave you what I know.

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    • sorry my friend its replication not the transcription

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