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leonardo dicaprio and global warming?

i am a HUGE leonardo dicaprio fan. i am also interested in global warming and learning more about it. i was inspired by leonardo to start recycling more often and soon i will get my drivers liscence and i will get a hybrid car.

My dream is to meet leonardo and to talk to him about this and i want to start some program and i am also interested in politics.

does anyone know how i can meet him?

i really want to be this when i grow up.

so if anyone knows how i can see him please let me know.

and no rude comments please.

thank you (:

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    I've met Leonardo as a journalist at a film festival. I really don't know how else to meet him in person.

    If you are interested in global warming, learn about its history and what causes the regular warming/cooling cycles. Here are some helpful links.

    [ADDED DETAIL - in 1999, there was a massive volcanic explosion underneath the Arctic, releasing enormous amounts of heat energy and CO2 into the oceans. This increase in volcanic activity, also under Greenland, is responsible for a lot of the warming and CO2 increase we are seeing.]

    [Added Links]

    Arctic volcano released enough heat energy in one explosion (out of many) to melt ice cap area size of Massachusetts

    Arctic ocean volcano blew its top in 1999 – even under pressure

    Are Volcanoes Melting Arctic?

    Heat From Earth's Magma Contributing To Melting Of Greenland Ice

    Global Warming a Boon for Greenland's Farmers,1518...

    Source(s): Clues to End of the Last Ice Age - increased solar output warmed oceans, melting ice and releasing CO2 Solar energy output drives earth temperature, except for volcanic interruptions Earth's eccentric orbit and tilt cause ice ages, warm periods. Post-Glacial Sea Level Rise Water Vapor Rules the Greenhouse System
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    Global Warming is just a way that the governments of the world can tax the hell out of us, The Oceans of the world create more carbon than we ever could, The Tree's absolutely love Carbon Dioxide, The more of it in our atmosphere the quicker and more healthy they grow :)

    The sun is the cause of our recent heat pattern, Even the polar ice on Mars are melting, Look it up, The past year and a half the earth has actually cooled!!

    About Leo, Im sure he's a nice chap but he is not a Scientist, The only way you could meet him would be to either work with him in a movie or win tickets to meet im or something like that.

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    um it really is an actor. Why answer to a guy that is a movie star. Do you take heed to all actors? If he suggested that there is not any international warming, would you be comfortable about it? Why get disillusioned over Leo? contained in the thousands and thousands of years of the earth, it under no circumstances has become inhabitable. Do you imagine it is going to because of a hollow contained in the ozone? he's an actor, noone substantial, sleep nicely at technique of ways, 30 years in the past, the scientists were frightened of yet another ice age. extremely, study it. Google "dennis miller newsweek" or "dennis miller international cooling."

  • Before you lecture America, visit some Northern states in the dead of winter. It will be our pleasure to let you shovel the **** load of snow that we have to deal with every year. When you freeze your *** off, you might change your tune. You could have easily filmed Revenant in Alaska, Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Utah, Wisconsin and many other snowy states in America.

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    well almost every one has a myspace now i am sure you could try and look him up that might not be that reliable but it is a chance you could also try looking on google for his address or for a way to send a letter to his publicist or something . I am sorry i know these are long shots but you never know when they might work.

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    this is the only way to reach him. No phones, no addresses, no e-mails.

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