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Should I adopt a kitten now or wait til spring and get one out of a litter destined for the pound anyway?

My kids want a kitten to play with feathers and jingly balls with. Should I just adopt one out of a pound now (avg 5-8 months old), or should I just wait until spring and get a younger kitten from someone intending to take their litter to the pound anyway? I refuse to buy one at a pet store when I can save a life by getting it from the pound or saving it from going to the pound.

How safe is getting one from the pound? Do they have problems (like ear mites, fleas, etc?

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    We've adopted two kittens from the pound - both are great. I think the biggest question is where do you want to begin. Personally, I liked going to the pound until we found one that we connected with. Don't get one too young (less than 6-8 weeks), as it's hard to judge their personality. Remember, that super playful cat may need to be toned down a bit at home (consider your furniture). As far as health goes, most pounds check them out pretty well. Stay away from those with a runny nose, soft stools, or if they are sneezing. Look at their eyes, they should be clear (no gunk in the corners). Ask if the pound does a vet check, and ask if you can return (and get your money back) if a cat is deemed unhealthy by your vet. Do have your vet check them out - especially for feline leukemia.

    I do think there's something special with having the younger kitten. But, either way you're saving a cat that may not have a home without you.

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    Shelters try to have their kittens vaccinated, dewormed and checked for ear mites/fleas before you adopt, so you should be ok. But I would still take the kitten to your vet within a day or two of getting them - that is recommend no matter where you get them from.

    I would also recommend an older kitten rather then younger with kids. Around 5-6 months old and spayed/neutered would be fine. Depends on the age of the kids - the younger the kids, the older the kitten and vice versa.

    Be aware that shelters are somewhat reluctant to adopt to a family with kids younger then 6 or 7 yrs old, so check first before you even look at the kittens.

    You also might even consider a cat about a year old that is used to kids. They will still play a lot. Kittens are only kittens for a short time. Most cats will play into their teens!

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    Honestly, there's no more risk of fleas/ear mites when adopting from a pound verse adopting from someone taking kittens to a pound - I would however opt for the kitten now (from the pound) because at 5 months there's still most of that kitten cuteness and hyperness going on without all the hassle of litter-training :) And, there's a better chance that you are actually saving a life, considering 90% of people thinking about adopting will want to wait till sping to get a smaller, younger kitten. And plus, having a kitten now is MUCH more fun than waiting to get a kitten :)

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    It is safer getting one from a pound - here in the UK anyway. Rescue cats are vet checked and treated for any problems, immunised and neutered, if they'[re old enough. Cats from pet shops are rarely given so much care, and may be mistreated or carrying disease.

    Everyone wants tiny kittens, the older ones are harder to find homes for, so I say get an older one. Make sure you get to spend a bit of time with the kittens before you choose, and make sure you pick a good playful one.

    Remember though, kittens may grow out of their playfulness, and the novelty won't last forever for your kids either. Cats live a long time - make sure you want it for the right reasons and are willing to take full responsibility for its care for many years.

    Good luck!

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    All my cats came from friends or family. When I took the 1st one to the vets for vaccination the vet asked where I had got her from. I told her from one of my daughters school friends. She said you could tell she had come from a family home rather than a shelter as she was much more relaxed, calm and friendly.

    If you have kids I would pick a kitten that is used to a busy family home. Hope this helps your decision.

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    I was just at the pound on Friday and they have tons of kittens now. Of course, I live in Arizona where it is warm all the time. I highly recommend adopting a shelter pet. My pound puppy came with a free vet check and was already spayed. The vet checked her thoroughly and she has been a healthy dog.

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    Every cat you get should be vet checked regardless.I would keep my eyes open and rescue one sometimes you can look around at restaurants and you will find one that needs a good home,or one to give away in classified ads or at a kill shelter for cats.Get one from the most likely candidate that has the worst life or no life.

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    either way... kittens are more likely to have fleas and ear mites, shelter pets are more thankful i think.

    Shelter cats are awsome.


    just look at the ads.

    Some people had oops litters and are about to take them to the pound because THEY didnt spay.

    Good luck with what ever you do!!!!

    Its fun but hard to let your kids pick out their perfect pet!

    One wants one, the other wants another one and will cry!!

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    I don't think it matters either are still saving a kitten.

    If you feel like waiting...wait...

    if you want one now...just get one now.


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