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What is the best cookware out there to buy?

If I am going to spend money on a cookware set, price doesn't matter as long as the quality is dependable. I am just wondering which kind of cookware set would be the best to buy and the safest. I was looking at Calphalon but then found that they use Teflon in their enamel sets, which is not good. But then I also read that the stainless steel versions don't move heat evenly throughout the pans. Just any opinions on what would be the best investment for a cookware set would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    The comment about stainless isn't entirely need to make sure that the cookware you get has a good heavy bottom and the heat will distribute evenly.

    I swear by my All-Clad, but no one set of cookware will give you exactly what you need to do every job. You will need an iron skillet...these are cheap and many come pre-seasoned. My set came with a large lidded pot made for stews but I prefer my iron dutch oven for this and use the stainless one for soups and boiling pasta.

    You shouldn't need a big set of cookware...a 10 to 12 inch skillet, a sauce pan maybe a quart or 2 depending on how many people you cook for regularly, and a large pot for the aforementioned pasta and soup.

    This is the set that I got:

    I inherited two iron skillets from my grandmother (something most chefs would kill for)

    and I bought a Staub Cast Iron Dutch Oven (got it on ebay, didn't pay nearly that much)

    Teflon is safe as long as it doesn't become scratched or start peeling off

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    You're right that plain stainless steel cookware doesn't heat as evenly as the heavy cast aluminum or iron. But nowawdays many manufacturers are putting a heavy csat aluminum "sandwich" on the bottom of the stainless steel cookware to improve the even heating. It's like having the best of both worlds.

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    my mommy got me a cuisinart 'green gourmet' fry pan for xmas. supposedly it's not made from weird chemical stuff and is 'greener' than other cookware. i'm not sure about all that, but so far it's been a great pan... practically cleans itself. i plan to get the smaller pan for myself in a bit. they're not too expensive either.

    edit - just checked the amazon reviews and while most people rate the pans well, some say the non-stickiness doesn't last. mine's still totally non-stick after 3+ months regular use.

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    My husband is a chef, and I know he prefers German cookware, if this helps--I will try to get the name that he specifically likes!!

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