what is the name of the movie with a woman who kills her husband?

with the woman and she kills her husband and then takes his head and then the head like talks to her it's kinda old i think

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    Crazy in Alabama (1999)

    IMDb review:

    It's the 1960s in Alabama, and Lucille (Melanie Griffith) murders and decapitates her abusive husband, Chester, and heads to Hollywood with his head. Meanwhile back home, segregation is being fought in her small town. Our narrator is Lucille's nephew (Lucas Black of "American Gothic" TV series and "Sling Blade"), who is living with his uncle (David Morse), witnessing the evil of the town sheriff (Meat Loaf Aday~rock star/actor) and trying to make sense of the Civil Rights movement. ... Lucille dazzles everyone who meets her, and everything goes her way, despite the fact that Chester's head continues to speak to her. Griffith is compelling; her husband, Antonio Banderas, directs her as he sees her; the camera keeps finding the perfect woman: thrilling, sensual and sweet.

    Also in the cast are Cathy Moriarty, Rod Steiger, Robert Wagner, Paul Ben-Victor, Fannie Flagg, Elizabeth Perkins and Paul Mazursky.

    Here's the movie trailer:


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    Darn! I waited too long before answering! I didn't trust my memory, so I researched first before typing my answer.

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    Double Jepardy

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    You are probably thinking of CRAZY IN ALABAMA.

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