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Gymnastics routine music?

I need some good music for my gymnastics floor routine.

There are only afew requirements:

It has to be instrumental ( no lyrics or singing)

It can't be disney or andrew lloyd webber- I know stupid isn't it, I was going to do pirates of the Caribbean or cats which i have seen some amazing gym routines to but as of last year I can't do them.

It can't be to long.

I want something recognizable and popular something that is upbeat and inspirational, maybe some well known jazz.


thanks but i decided on the james bond theme tune, cant believe I didn't think of it before

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    okay go to youtube and type in a popular song name then instrumental.

    example (i think this would make an amazing floor routine) "the veronicas untouched instrumental"

    Youtube thumbnail


    .. or just go there it should work. but anyways you would have to figure out a way to record and cut it to the appropriate length. you could probably do this with any song.

    This does sound complicated so you might just be better off going to your coach and asking them if they have an demo cds and buying a song. I got my music from Wolf Jump.

    Also you might be able to listen to some demos online. just type in gymnastics floor music..

    also (just saying) 'celebrate the summer" i personaly think would make a cool routine. but you would have to edit it a lot..

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    Hey, I love gymnastics! I am a level 8. Here are some good websites for floor music!

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    victory --------------------bond explosive-----------------bond better off alone---------alice deejay blue-------------------------eiffle 65 austin powers (soul bossa nova) fire on ice pink panther axel F james bond theme buffy the vampire slayer theme sex and the city theme sandstorm-----------------------darude muppets theme

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