Ramadan: Did this happen?

Did a goat actually eat verses of the Quran? Is this story in hadith? Where? If this is true, why would Allah allow such a thing?
Update: If this incident is part of Islamic tradition, then this presents some serious questions about the Orthodox Islamic theological claims regarding textual and sacred inviolabiltiy. So this is a serious question.
Update 2: “Narrated by Hazrat Ā’ishah that ayat-e-Rajm and ayat Raza’at were revealed, they were written on something. I kept them under the cart, meanwhile the holy prophet died and we became busy and one GOAT came and ATE those ayyat” (Ibn-e-Maja).
Update 3: All I want to know is, why is there this tradition in hadith? I didn't make this up. Nobody has addressed this yet? Was there or wasn't there a "holy goat"
Update 4: @Nikko: Yes Nikko, the truth hurts. Is that why you cannot handle criticism of your religion?
Update 5: Look, I'm not the one who said a goat ate verses of the Quran, Ibn-e-Maya claims that Aishah said it so don't get all upset at me. It is in your literature! Geeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
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