How much time passes from when Jesus is baptized by John the baptist, to when he's crucified?

I was thinking about this yesterday, and after 12 years of Catholic education, I really have no idea of how much time passes from when John baptizes Jesus to when he's put on trial and crucified.

At my best guess, I'd say maybe a year or so, but logic tells me that in order to get the kind of following that Jesus had in the end (to where thousands of people would come listen to him speak), years would've had to have passed, based on how news traveled back then (word of mouth, etc)

Anyhow, I'm not sure. If you post an answer, please post your resources.


Hey servant, I see the Math... but give me the passage in the bible that says "And on his 30th year, he began his ministry"... then follow it up with "and after 3 years and 2 months, he was nailed to the cross"...

Don't make it with theory, back it with what's written in the book.

That's what I'm looking for. In the 12 years of Catholic education (which has been close to 20 years ago), I don't remember anyone ever specifically pointing out those passages.

For a self proclaimed "servant of christ", you give really douchey answers...

Update 2:

Did a little research myself on this and found that the age he was, when he began his ministry can be found in Luke 3:23...

but I can't find any backing that his ministry only lasted 3 1/2 years... just guesses.

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  • You do the Math

    He was thirty when He was Baptized and 33 when He was Crucified!

    His public ministry was ________ years? I really cannot believe that you did not get this in Catholic School?

    Are you sure that you are Catholic even little kids now this?

    Try a Religion that goes back further than Catholics to John the Baptist if your statement is true. I assure you you will know this within a week. With myself having been both religions I find your statement unusual .

    The Book of John and Mark!

    Source(s): The Holy Bible
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    It had to be 3 years, Jesus at the age of 30 because Jesus was crucified when he was 33

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    Around three years according to the Fourth Gospel. The synoptic accounts make it seem as if his ministry was of no greater duration than one year, but John tells of Jesus being in Jerusalem on three occasions that coincided with Pesach, the last of which was when he was tried and executed.


    Source(s): The Four Gospels - New Testament
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    three years passed form the time Jesus was baptized and then crucified.

    Source(s): Bible, New Testament
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    I believe it is approximately three years as Christ was thirty years old when He started His ministry (His baptism) and was thirty-three years old when He was crucified.

    Source(s): Independent Fundamental Baptist
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    23 year's & 5 days & 5 hours & 2 minutes & 43 seconds,without any doubt

    for prove you can research

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