Information on Indianapolis, IN?

My wife and I are considering relocating to Larwrence, IN. It would probably Lawrence Township

How are the schools there?

High crime rate?


Any info on the city would be much appreciated!

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    Lawrence has decent schools but get outpaced by neighboring Carmel.

    Carmel is pricier home wise but taxes all over Indy are a mess! Sales tax is 7% which is tolerable but be warned when scouting for a new house. The state is in limbo regarding property taxes so you might see a house and love it and love the taxes bcz they are low and then next year they might sky-rocket >50%. No joke. We bought our house in 2006 and taxes were reasonable (they all vary based on location, sq footage, pool or hot tub, basement, etc). The first round of taxes was fine and then all the 'adjusting' started to happen. Our went up 100% and a neighbor's went up 300%. As you can imagine, the homeowners were outraged by this and the governor promised to 'fix the issue' Well, elections were in November and the tax bills were delayed ~four times (they were supposed to be sent in July, then September, then November, and finally in January...after elections). We still seem to be in limbo regarding anything set in stone so BE CAREFUL and plan accordingly when it comes to home purchase.

    Crime rate is not excessive but there are some issues - pockets along the interstate (465) have had recent issues. It's all common sense - don't hang out at he mall late (muggings and an occasional car jacking are not unheard of).

    There is decent business near Lawrence but if you plan on commuting to work say, in downtown, that could be a long haul - miles are short but time is lengthy. If you plan on wok ring north - say in Anderson, the commute there may not be as bad. However you slice it, avoid the south side and east side.

    Contact a few realtors to help you in your search.

    Hope that helps and welcome!

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