Does the IM service on the Virgin Mobile Samsung Slash cost $? if yes how much?

I am looking at the Samung Slash for my next cell phone. I was wondering because it has IM service for aim, yahoo, ect.... does it cost any money to use??? cause I would use it and that would be awesome. If yes how much? any Samsung Slash users out there? any other info about the phone would be great :D thanks!

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    I have the Slash, its a great phone. I can tell you that its a good quality phone because I dropped it a few times and it has been exposed to moisture and it still works; not that you should do that to your phone of course. Anyways, to answer your question.

    Yes, the instant messaging service does cost you money (as well as the e-mail service). The only charges you will get are standard messaging charges. If you plan to instant message, I highly recommend an unlimited messaging pack (i.m eats up a lot of messages). The application itself is free to download, you just got to pay standard messaging charges. There are NO web charges for using instant messaging.

    Also this phone has decent battery life unlike most of Virgin Mobile Phones. Its camera is OK, but not the greatest. Also its a slider phone and its pretty easy to slide up and down.

    Hope this helps =)

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    4 years ago

    comparable undertaking. i attempted to call shopper provider and in spite of the actuality that their hours say they might desire to nevertheless be open, i'm getting the place of work-closed message and it disconnects me. i haven't had a undertaking like this with Virgin cellular (final time i did, i became into in a position to arise with shopper provider), so this is fairly complicated.

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