Is there a list circulating of what companies or institutions?

are actually boycotting Israel and Jewish businesses globally? We have seen the riots etc and that some people are supporting the Hamas so do we know which of these Western companies or institutions are supporting them, is there a list yet of who has attacked diaspora and who has attacked Jewish state?

I want to know because if they are hostile to Jewish people to do business around the world that is actually a direct attack on a Jewish person and I am hostile to them and do not want to give them my business.

They have crossed the line from just voicing opinion against Israeli political actions but are attacking Jewish institutions and people worldwide. So who are these people is there a list of who has attacked us in diaspora and who has attacked Jewish state?


Hi Lulu: Do you also boycott American products because of war in Iraq? Or how about Palestinian products because they were firing missiles on kindergartens in Israel? Or Lebanon products because Hezbollah fires missiles on Jewish old folks homes? Your solution is to just boycott everyone without regard to anything else and adds to the large economic crisis. And does that really solve things in our war on terrorism? Should I refuse business with Lebanese Americans because they have connections to Lebanon?

The simple fact of the matter is that there are people out there that refuse to do business with Jewish diaspora because they are Jewish. The simple fact of the matter is that they boycott Israeli products because Israel is a Jewish state. The simple fact of the matter is that they do not want Jewish people living here, or there, or anywhere and I'm going to find out who they are because they are the real terrorists.

Update 2:

Hi Lulu and Palo: Nobody is buying your innocent claims. You teach yourchildren like this and therefore Hamas should be stopped so that everyone can live in peace, including this child:

Muslim Sesame Street V: Pepsi Cola, the Apes, Pigs and Jews

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Hamas In Their Own Voices

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Update 3:

OK after looking at the situation it looks like in the English speaking world I'll rank them in this order:

1) there is heavy liberalism allied with extremist Muslim campaign in the UK. Companies such as FreedomCall but the greatest threat isn't to capitalistic endeavors as they have surpassed that goal. The greatest threat is to the British political system itself that has direct influence in the capitalistic system. Native born liberal British people like this are allied with the Islamofascists ---->

A self-confessed life-long Marxist, Lauren Booth speaks for the far-left front group the so-called Stop the War Coalition. Last year she joined George Galloway on a fund-raising stunt for them, which was praised in Socialist Work.

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2) The Green Party in America

is linked to many Anti-Israel campaigns and boycotts within America and they actively campaign and seek further momentum.

Update 4:

3) The Presbyterian Church

“I’m always struck by the people who don’t realize that the largest Protestant church in the Middle East is the Presbyterian or Reformed Church,” said Cliff Kirkpatrick, Clerk of the General Assembly.

“initiate the process of phased, selective divestment” from companies whose activities the church believes are contributing to violence in Israel-Palestine. MRTI also decided at its meeting not to help sponsor a “Palestine Investment Conference” in the Middle East, although the group may have someone from the committee attend.

Update 5:

Also, (not so) honorable mentions go to General Synod of the Church of England for ratifying divestment from Catepillar, the British Embassy in Tel Aviv for pulling out of relocation deal in Kiryat Tower and uninviting a British-Israeli settler in Judea to a Queen's birthday celebration, and to the Rome Trade Union leader Giancarlo Desiderati, leader of the Flaica-Uniti-Cub union, which represents 8,000 shop assistants in Rome for proposal to "identify and boycott" all Jewish-owned shops in the Italian capital and trying to equivocate Israeli self defense to behavior of Nazis.

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    You seek a list of infamy.

    The "holy" Presbyterian Church warned four US companies to stop providing military equipment and technology to Israel for use in the occupation of the Palestinian territories, or else face a vote by the Church to divest its stock in them.

    A church investment committee that met in Seattle accused certain companies of selling helicopters, cellphones, night vision equipment as well as other items used by Israel in its forced occupation of Palestinian territory.

    The accusations of the Presbyterian Church were dismissed as an “outrage” by a spokeswoman for Citigroup, a sentiment shared by several of the other corporations.

    How about boycotting the evil church mentioned above?


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    Sorry but I have to disagree. If I were still in business and got a call from an Arab or Indian I would tell them I'm too busy for new accounts or set a price no one would accept.

    Mainly because getting them to be happy with the contract and service is impossible and they both will give you trouble collecting.

    Am I a racist or hater. No a business man who wants to be paid or not work.

    These people have a right to boycott and it doesn't make them terrorist..

    In the first place it's mostly noise as they didn't have any business with Israel anyway.

    LU LU there is never any meat to your arguments. You hate war so it must be wrong. Blah. You have little or no understanding of the background but you keep squeaking.

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    There are lists of self-professed boycotters online. If you want, I can e-mail you the links offline as I have no intention of advertising their hate rants here.

    With great pleasure, I am posting a lovely response to the Queen of England regarding the boycott of some Israeli companies by the local British Embassy. Enjoy!

    (March 12) Addendum: You may be interested in this:

    and check out the Export Law Blog:

    "Boycott Watch" is an essential resource:

    Oh, what the hey:

    --"In January 2007, the New York office of the National Bank of Egypt was fined $22,500 for boycott violations. "

    Look up the numerous ISM/PSM illegalities. This refers to smidgen of their forbidden activities. There's much more.

    Source(s): Most appropriately, I found this on Purim: ROFL!
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    Why? Is it possible that you want the list in order to boycott the companies boycotting the terrorist state of Israel? Crystal clear!

    In fact, in the UK many companies known to support Israel have made dramatic profit losses since the Gaza invasion - Just google the companies and you can check their finances as they're not kept private.

    Starbucks (a Masonic Satanic corporation - not even Jewish!) has suffered immensely as a result as have others such as Nestle.

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    Many big companies worldwide are owned by jews and most of their profitts go to the terrorist state of Israel, just a few months ago macdonalds had a whole week were profits would be sent to Israel. I dont see the problem with people boycoting these companies, in fact i support it 100%. Why should we pay money to Israel so they can kill innocent people? No thanks, not with my money.

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    i've seen a few users on yahoo call for the boycott of israel....but i doubt israel will miss their pocket money

    as for those supporting hamas ....i wonder why their supporters don't make the list if there is one i know which companies to avoid

    it is bad enough that my government aids terrorists....i have little control over my taxes but i would not use a company that supported hamas or any other islamic terror group

    Source(s): edit crying poet...starbucks has been struggling for a long is the recession and nothing to do with gaza.....hilarious
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    i'm not aware of any actual boycott, although the haters try to get people to do it. hampshire college was accused of it, but it turns out they did not divest from israel. the haters make a lot of noise but they don't get much done.

    and since much cell phone and internet technology was developed in israel, even the taliban support israel every time they post another beheading on the web.

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    have crossed the line by voicing an opinion against Israeli political actions? Just because someone is against killing innocent civilians doesn't mean they are pro-Hamas. Why can't you lot seem to get it through your head that protesting human rights abuses doesn't make you an automatic antisemitie, or pro-Hamas? I will voice my opinion against Israel's behaviour, because it is my GOD given right, as well as my democratic right to do so, so get over it. Your country is not perfect, far from, and on this occasion, they have committed human rights abuses and war crimes, and I hope to God they are punished for it. Get over yourself, you are NOT the CHOSEN race, nor are you above reproach, OR THE LAW. So if you want to boycott those businesses, by all means do so, just as it is our right to boycott pro-Israel and Israeli businesses. At least we have a fair and just reason for doing so. This 'we are the perfect and chosen race' crap is getting really old, really fast.

    ---- Good for the Presbyterian church!!! I say BRAVO!! Don't sell weapons to that country or any other one for that matter. Maybe it is time the 'species of higher intelligence' learned how to solve their problems without killing anyone and everyone. Israel could really learn this lesson, so I applaud this action taken by that church. God bless them. Anyone who agrees with killing people to solve a problem is the evil one, think about that.

    So get all your friends to report my answer, just as you can't seem to tell the truth, you don't like others to do so either

    Lupines, yes I do boycott American products, because I don't agree with the war in Iraq, it was based on lies. If people are boycotting Jews, this in my opinion is wrong. Boycotting someone just for the fact they are Jewish is disgusting, just as it would be for boycotting anyone because of their race or colour. This I do not support. But I am anti-war, and I have no problem saying that. War to me is disgusting, and shows lack of intelligence and compassion. But I whole heartedly agree with boycotting any organisation or company that supplies weapons, or money for weapons to Israel, or any other country who has committed such human rights crimes. I don't care what religion they are, or what race. Killing is wrong, and I don't care what anyone says, there is no excuse for killing babies and innocent civilians regardless of the situation.

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    you are loved

    let there be peace

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