If you owned (or do own) a PC Repair shop, what do you need from your software?

I am doing a project for my Computer Science class and am busy doing the research part of it (i.e. the worst part of it) and need to research what people need from software in my chosen scenario. So if you own a PC Repair shop that also would sell components, what exactly do you need from your software for your business?


More regarding the actual shop and inventory recording and point of sale etc etc. Not so much the actual software sold, or used.

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    there would be two classes of software

    1. tools to do the work

    2. software to manage the business

    for work tools, you'd maybe need

    A/V install software

    spyware/malware cleanup software

    o/s repair software

    disk checker/repair software

    backup software

    network detection/repair software

    and all the other categories you'll find at CNet.com under downloads

    and the stuff you're going to sell to customers

    to manage the business, you'll likely need



    cash register


    or simply an integrated package will all of these

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