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What does AOS stand for?

As in the type of game, like DOTA, when two teams face off with computer creeps fighting each other.


Not AOS when it comes to Law or Computers. An AOS is a type of game for Warcraft 3. The most famous game that's considered an AOS is DotA. An AOS is a game where the players control heroes who fight one another and different computer controlled forces which attack the opposition's base.

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    It stands for "Aeon of Strife", which was a really popular map from Starcraft. It had a mission where you rescue someone using only heroes, which was the idea that gave birth to DotA and similar maps.

    Source(s): Blizzard gaming experience =)
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    Automated Ordering System. Suggest new definition. This definition appears very rarely and is found on it IT n' computers but deir r still a lot of meanings try in many types of dictionaries for many results....

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