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What is wrong with this State Dept. and White House?

Hillary was is in Russia over the weekend, she gave a present to the Russian Prime Minister she called a "reset button." It was a button in a placard that allegedly when push would reset Russian and American relations to nice and friendly times (a big Koombiya).

Problem: When the words "Reset" where translated into Russian, its actually said; "Overcharge."

This comes on the heels of PM Brown visiting and giving Obama a Beautiful pen holder hand carved from wood taken from a slave ship, and other valuable and historic artifacts- Obama gives hims 25 DVDs from the White house gift shop. Classy!!

What is wrong with this State dept. and White House?!


Dr. Condoleza Rice (PhD) is fluent in Russian and would have picked up on it.

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    I think you answered your own question. Obama and Hillary are in charge.

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    Yes, A faux pas on our part but it was received with levity by the Russians. BTW: did you see the difference in the spelling of each word in Russian? They are extremely similar but we should have checked and confirmed.

    ADDED: I'm sure FOX had loads to say on this but after they tried to chastise Biden for a momentary memory lapse and called it an "embarassment" under his picture, I am just amused. I'm certain they are rolling in this error of mis-spelling a foreign word when they can't even get English correct.

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    The diplomatically challenged duo called Clinton and Obama.

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