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What casino game do people lose the most money?

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    Your question can be interpreted in a variety of ways. As I see it, though, Roulette is a game that takes a huge chunk of money from the typical player. That is to say, the total house take on slots may be more, but that comes from a lot of small losses by a huge number of players. Roulette money comes from a relatively small number of players, those players are betting more money, and the game moves very quickly, especially if you consider how many players spread a large number of bets all over the table for every spin of the wheel.

    When you consider the factors of Large Bets, Bad Odds, and Fast Game, then you've got a killer game.

    Slots are more about volume than killing the individual gambler. Baccarat appeals to some of the highest of high rollers, but it gives better odds to the player. Hence Roulette offers the worst of both worlds.

    Blackjack is hard to evaluate. It's unique among casino games, in that results depend very much on the player's skill. Most players play truly awful Blackjack, and take a crushing hit. Some actually play well enough to beat the game.

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    i looked at others answers....could be poker...but that guys answer makes no sense..if a player is losing millions another player is winning millions...but if the rake is high enough could be the guy that said player wins 49% and casino 51% so 2%.....non sense....the revenue auditor guy isn't even aware the precise payout on a video poker machine is posted on the machine....slots or blackjack.....pretty much the same casino edge ...all slot machines considered about 95% payback... blackjack...99% of blackjack players do not use basic strategy and therefore just hand the casino about a 4 and a half extra advantage instead of learning the game if there are 50 blackjack tables full that's 350 people gambling....if there are 1200 slot machines being played 3 times faster than blackjack then that's your answer.....but keno is the highest percentage at 25% casino edge.....

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    I am a revenue auditor at a casino. I can't say which games people lose the most money because its just as easy to lose all your money at slots as it is in blackjack. Saying that Slot machines have approx 70% payout while video poker is more around the high 80s. This is figured out with the big jackpots included so i normally play blackjack or in the poker room.

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    First casino games are designed in a way that the played wins 49% of the times and the casino wins 51%.

    In addition, when the casino wins the money, the user stops playing. But when the player wins, the casino is always available.

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    Craps is the best game for you to play! Might take a little time to learn it, but you can do that online pretty easily. Statistically and percentage wise, Craps has the smallest percentage of the house winning than any other game at the casino! Next to Craps, Blackjack

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    black jack is the one !

    house edge is 7-5 aginst you

    plus factor in other players taking your cards !

    I havent played black jack for 25 years !

    Craps is far easier to win at and casino edge is only 1.5% on the straight up game of craps !

    either bet with shotoers or bet aginst them !

    Poker 7 card stud is my best game i control what hand to play and whom i want to play aginst and what limit

    YOU have best odds in playing poker than any house game !

    slots well you only need one lucky hit !

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    they (the owners of the casinos) make the most off slots, but we as people loose more on poker, or texas hold-em. but we loose it to another player not the house most of the time.

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    Slot machines.

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    The money wheel, worst odds

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    I'd have to guess slots just because there is no strategy involved.

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