Are friendship rings old school?

I,m 47 and my new boyfriend is 57 both been around the traps a bit the other nite he was looking at my fingers like he was sizing my fingers getting a mental pic if you like. I know it would not be an engagement ring as I am not divorced yet. it got me thinking maybe a friendship ring ? but that got me thinking again are friendship rings something that people still give any more I was married for 22 years and I just don't know if this is something that was just done in the past (my old days) LoL..... thank you in advance.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I am 24 and my girlfriend is 22. About a year after we first met we got promise rings. I've done a little research and the new craze with promise rings for young people is celibacy until marriage. Personally I think its cute and can never been outdated. If I was older I would definitely think that it would be cute! And boy is the concept of promise rings old. Like 1700's in France!

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