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Should buy Oyster Card

I will stay in London for 9 days in early April.

1. I should buy oyster card or travel card?

2. I plan to visit Cambridge(1 day), too. Do I need to reserve the train ticket first?

3. If go to watch the musicals, formal dressing is required? Jean & sport shoes is not accepted?

4. Is it still cold in early April?

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    1) There is a "Capping Rate" on Oyster Card which is basically GBP0.5 lower than a traditional Travelcard... So for example, a day off-peak capping rate is GBP5.1 while a day off-peak travel card is GBP5.6 for Zone1~2... The only different is that a paper travelcard allow the use of Train services within London, whereas this is impossible for Oyster Card (Underground/Overground/Bus/DLR)...

    There is also a season ticket (7Days Travelcard) which must be inserted into the Oyster Card, and the fare stand at GBP25.8 for Zone1~2 which is cheaper than Day Capping Rate... The 7Days Travelcard will also allow access to Railway within London, with a sepirate paper ticket for train inspection...

    2) Train to Cambridge is not too different between booking in advance or purchase at Station... But you can always visit to check the price, you can they purchase the ticket and request it to be picked up at a specific station within London... You can also consider to travel by coach which fare start from GBP1 per way and travel time not too much longer than railway...

    3) It really depence, but most musical now would not require formal dressing... Just wear some smart casel would be fine already, so dont worry too much about that... But it all depence on which class of seats you got, as the more expensive tickets, you may see people wearing more formal dressing whereas cheaper tickets would have more people with smart casel...

    4) It is a little difficult to say as weather has gone a little odd this year,and is also changing rapidly... I would expect it to be rather rainy and windy in around April, but could have some sunny and hot day in between... So bring some extra cloths and jackets in the case of heavy rain, and some autumn clothing to be sure... Just have a look at where they would have London weather forcast on their front page, before your departure to UK...

    Source(s): Been living in UK for some 10yrs...
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