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請達人幫我翻譯一下 謝謝





很快地三年多的日子轉眼就過去了,真不敢相信自己真的已度過黑夜而就要迎接黎明的到來,這種感覺真的是太不可思議, 我終於可以不用再一直處於自我否定的狀態, 因為我真的做到了,我終於得到我夢寐以求的學位了.


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    It’s very unbelievable to me that i has finally completed the most enormous research task to India with so much adventurers.Because of it .i will be taken into the another peak in my life.

    Looking back more than three years ago in order to achieve my own ideals and the future, I carry my luggage to go to India to study alone. In this strange country,I not only have to overcome the difficuilties in reserching but also to adapt to the life and culture.

    The past three years, very step for me is difficult. Inner pressure and the setback are not described in ink . And the idea to give up appiare in my mind many times . Since always think of their own fortitude, but these days I do not know how to cry, and usually feel that they are crumbling edge of the total in order to survive.

    Quickly for more than three years passed since the days passed, I could not believe my own true Spend the night and we should have greeted the arrival of Dawn, this feeling is too incredible true, at last I could no longer has been in self-denial the status, because I really do, and I finally get my dream of a degree.

    For more than three years after the baptism with the students knowledge of life experiences, let me feel the deeper meaning of life lies with the value of anthropological research, which are understood to be looking for my life’s treasures.

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