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懇請幫忙翻譯文章字句!!很急 拜託~”~

1.Where does management stand on beer breaks?

2.What is left to be said about an enormous retailer that has become

the most profitable corporation on earth?

3.the first time that a nonmanufacturing firm had ever occupied that


4.“Wal-Mart is aggressive rollout of retail gas station,”speculates

one retail consultant,“could be followed closely with the company

selling used cars financial services,home improvement , and food

service。”But even with all this domestic activity, Wal-Mart still

finds expansion into international markets its most appealing option.

5.when a Sam’s Club opened near Mexico City.The firm’s

international division operates over 1,100 overseas outlets.

6.Most ambitious to date,however,have been the company’s

activities in Britain.


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    1.Where管理是否站立在啤酒斷裂? 2.What將說的左邊關於成為了在地球上的最有益的公司的一個極大的零售商? 3.第一次nonmanufacturing的企業充任了那個职位。 4. 「沃爾碼是零售加油站積極的首次展示」,推測一位零售顧問, 「可能紧密跟隨與賣半新车金融服务、住所改善和食品供应的公司。」,但是甚而與所有這國內活動,沃爾碼仍然發現擴展入国际市场它的最吸引人的選擇。 5.when山姆的俱樂部在墨西哥城附近打開了。公司的 国际部经营1,100個國外出口。 雄心勃勃的6.Most迄今,然而,是公司的 活動在英國。

  • 1 decade ago

    雖然stand 是常用字詞可是他有上下文stand on something " 1. (可能是

    管理處 部門management 對啤酒休習時段/時間 的看法/立場 have a break to drink coffee or beer.. ) 例如 Company has eliminated twice-daily beer breaks for its employees

    2. 剩下 / 還有什麼可說( 我不太會翻譯to be said about) 巨大的零售商,已經成為世界最賺錢的公司

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